MSR's Lightweight Bikepacking Kit List

Posted by Lois Fife on Mar 01, 2024

Whether you are racing the length or breadth of the country or enjoying a scenic tour of coffee shops and stately homes, your basic needs for shelter, sleeping and making a brew won’t differ greatly so, here are a few items that are compact and lightweight enough to fit on the bike and not weigh you down, allowing you to enjoy your next adventure.

MSR Hubba Hubba Bikepacking Tent Review - “A worthy competitor to the current bikepacking tents on the market.”

Posted by Lois Fife on Jan 22, 2024

It was an exciting day when the new MSR Hubba Hubba 1P Bikepacking tent arrived at the Ultralight Outdoor Gear HQ prior to its 2024 launch. Yes, it is a single occupancy Hubba Hubba, moving away from MSR’s historic names where the Hubba Hubba was a 2-person, Mutha Hubba, 3-person etc. This bikepacking tent will also be available in a 2-person version, which has 2 entrances, but it …
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Andy’s 2023 TGO Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on May 09, 2023

May means one thing here in the Ultralight office, The Great Outdoors Challenge, or the TGO for short. We are incredibly proud to be a sponsor of this communal coast-to-coast crossing of Scotland. Three of our team, Danny, Chris and myself, are participating in this year’s TGO, so I thought I’d give you an insight into what’s in my pack and some of the gear I’ll be taking for this year’s chal …
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The Ultimate Guide to Ultralight Tents

Posted by Andy Neil on Feb 14, 2023

Choosing a lightweight tent can be difficult given the wide range available; we have a wide variety of tents, and we want to ensure you get the right tent for whatever adventures you have. So here are some of the things to consider when you are in the market for a new tent. Here at Ultralight outdoor gear, we weigh every tent ourselves; the manufacturer’s weight can sometimes be inaccu …
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MSR Tindheim 2 Review - “Very impressed with the new MSR Tindheim 2 and it left me planning my next trip”

Posted by Lois Fife on Feb 09, 2023

January 2023 graced us in the north east of England with a drop to sub-zero temperatures, a scattering of snow and a calm northerly wind blowing through. We can normally camp here year-round with 3-season kit, however when a wintry blast coincides with the arrival at Basecamp Gear of MSR’s new  Tindheim 2, 2 person, 3 season tunnel tent it seemed only right to take it for a n …
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MSR pocket Rocket Deluxe Review - “Does everything you could possibly ask of a humble gas stove”

Posted by Mark Richardson on Oct 18, 2022

This is one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever had to write,  MSR’s Pocket Rocket Deluxe stove does everything you could possibly ask of a humble gas stove. I used it first on a trip to Glen Shiel in Scotland and on the first night I camped on the Kintail ridge, it was windy and exposed but the Pocket Rocket Deluxe coped with it well, the concave burner head (while not an original …
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MSR FreeLite Range

Posted by Andy Neil on Sep 08, 2022

MSR has gone back to the drawing board with one of their market-leading tents, the MSR FreeLite. Originally released back in 2018 the new 2022 FreeLite is lighter (226g lighter in fact), has more headroom (3 inches), and is overall a more enjoyable, liveable space to relax and take shelter in than its predecessor. For context, we are comparing the 2 person versions of the FreeL …
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About MSR

Posted by Mark Richardson on Jul 14, 2022

Mountain Safety Research have been making exceptional outdoor equipment for over 50 years, in this post we show you their origins and what kindof company they are.

MSR FreeLite 2 Review - Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Posted by Mark Richardson on Jun 06, 2022

The FreeLite series gets a makeover and is now lighter than its predecessors. Poles weigh 226g Flysheets weigh 416g Inner tent weighs 338g Total weight 980g The tent I was given to test has a dark flysheet but this didn’t seem gloomy in any way. We camped in high summer and the weather was good so the tent hasn’t had a long term test nor tested in stormy conditions. …
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Knowledge Base - The Facts About Water Purification in the Outdoors

May 25, 2022

Drink Dilemma – the facts about water treatmentThe DangersDrinking water directly from streams and rivers can be hazardous because such sources could contain Pathogens; a Pathogen is a disease causing organism commonly referred to as a germ.There are four types of water-borne pathogens that are of concern: Protozoa – single cell organisms often transferred through human and animal faeces. They ar …
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MSR Trailshot Microfilter - Trail Magazine Review

Posted by Trail Magazine on May 04, 2022

I've used this for multiple wild camping and hiking trips, and although the effort of hand pumping the numerous litres of water over the years has given me a forearm like Popeye, it's proved to be a reliable trail friend. It removes bacteria and protozoa from wild water (to be sure its virus free you need to treat it with sterilising tablets or boil it), enabling all but the most untrustworthy wat …
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Trek Scotland Review - MSR Pro Bivy

Posted by Trek Scotland on Mar 18, 2019

The MSR Pro Bivy is currently one of MSR’s lightest bivy bags. At 246 grams, it packs down small with MSR describing it as being “Designed for professional alpinists and serious adventurers, the Pro Bivy delivers quick-pitch protection in cramped spaces too small for a tent.” On first appearance this is a bivy that’s very much on the simple side. The fly fabric is made up of brigh …
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