Condensation in Single Skin Tents: Causes and Mitigation

Posted by Andy Neil on Jun 04, 2024

Single-walled tents offer significant benefits compared to double-walled ones in weight and size reduction. They are considerably lighter and more compact. Utilising trekking poles for structure, they provide ample headroom liveable space, and often have spacious vestibules. However, single-walled tents are infamous for excessive condensation due to the lack of a barrier between the use …
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MSR FreeLite Range

Posted by Andy Neil on May 16, 2024

MSR has gone back to the drawing board with one of their market-leading tents, the MSR FreeLite. Originally released back in 2018 the new 2022 FreeLite is lighter (226g lighter in fact), has more headroom (3 inches), and is overall a more enjoyable, liveable space to relax and take shelter in than its predecessor. For context, we are comparing the 2 person versions of the FreeL …
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What is Fabric Denier?

Posted by Mark Richardson on Nov 09, 2022

Fabrics used in Outdoor Clothing and Equipment are often described as 20D or 7D, this figure is known as the Denier of the fabric and is useful in determining the differences between some products. On this page we explain what it means and how it can be used.

Technology Page - The Hilleberg Principles

Oct 19, 2022

The Hilleberg PrinciplesHilleberg build tents and backcountry shelters. That’s all we do, and from our first tent in 1973, we have been driven by a single, simple point of reference: define the capabilities of the tent or shelter we envision, then build it with the most advantageous balance of six essential principles for its desired performance. We believe this method of design and construction y …
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Hilleberg Tent Care Guide

Posted by Andy Neil & Hilleberg on Jul 25, 2022

Hilleberg tents are the pinnacle of durability and performance and are designed to last a lifetime. Our customer service team and the experts over at Hilleberg have put their heads together to come up with some tips to help you care for your tent. Make sure it’s dry The first and most important, and we all know this, but it happens all the time anyway: never put your tent away wet. …
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Technology Page - MSR Xtreme Shield Tent Coating

Sep 10, 2018

We began by looking at industries that require ultra-durable waterproof coatings to protect their products from the elements. Taking cues from their coating formulas, we developed a coating that’s revolutionary for the tent industry. We’re calling it Xtreme Shield. How is it different? The magic is at the molecular level. Xtreme Shield’s polyurethane features a molecular chain that’s for …
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Knowledgebase Page - What is SilNylon?

Jul 16, 2018

What is SilNylon?SilNylon is a combination of silicone and nylon. It is made by coating a thin sheet of nylon fabric with liquid silicone, usually from both sides. This makes it strong for its weight, as the silicone substantially improves the tear strength. The main reason it has become so popular with lightweight outdoor manufacturers is because it weighs less than equivalent PU (Polyurethane) c …
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MSR Access Winter Backpacking Tents

Oct 23, 2017

Light, warm and strong - the ultimate tent for winter backcountry touring.Built to be the ultimate shelter for winter backpacking, backcountry skiers and snowshoers, the Access 2 tent is lighter than a mountaineering tent, but warmer than our backpacking tents. Limited mesh on the tent body offers greater warmth on frigid nights, while the light and packable design saves you precious energy on the …
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Technology Page - Lightwave Tents

Aug 14, 2017

Technology Page - Lightwave TentsThere are two basic Lightwave tent designs, Tunnel and Geodesic ('t' and 'g' tents). Tunnel tents are lighter than Geodesic but are not as stable in high winds.Each tent is made in two fabrics; Ultra and Hyper tents are made from the lightest fabrics, similar high strength as Trek and Trail tents but more expensive. The choice between the two fabrics is about price …
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