Rab Sleeping Bag Guide

May 08, 2024

Sleeping bags are where it all began for Rab, and they remain a core part of our range to this day. From ultralight sleeping bags designed for hut-to-hut trekking, to high fill power Down Bags for arctic sleeping with a limit rating of -40°C (-40°F), our collection strategically balances warmth, weight, and pack size for a range of activities.Choose from Synthetic Insulation, which offers dur …
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Rab Sleeping Mat Guide

Mar 28, 2024

Harnessing our decades of experience in insulation and innovative heat-reflective technology, we’ve created a range of lightweight, packable, comfortable sleeping mats as the perfect foundation to your sleep system.

Rab Sleeping Mat Technology Explained

Mar 28, 2024

Harnessing our decades of experience in insulation and innovative heat-reflective technology, we’ve created a range of lightweight, packable, comfortable sleeping mats as the perfect foundation for your sleep system.

RAB Xenair Range - Intelligent Insulation

Posted by Mark Richardson on Feb 22, 2024

On this page we look at Rab's Xenair range of jackets and vests which are designed for active outdoor users explaining the function and features of the garments and pointing out the differences between them.

Technology Page - Thermo Ionic Lining Technology

Feb 20, 2024

Rab's new fabric, TILT (Thermo Ionic Lining Technology), is used in the inner lining of their top-of-the-line sleeping bags, sleeping mats and down jackets. This technology reflects heat back toward the body, reducing radiative heat loss and increasing warmth. It significantly improves the warmth-to-weight ratio without altering the fabric's original properties or adding weight. At Ultralight Outd …
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Ultralight Outdoor Gear Awards 2023

Posted by Andy Neil on Dec 22, 2023

2023 was an excellent year for new ultralight equipment and clothing, and we wanted to highlight some of our favourite gear that hit the market this year. Some pieces, like the Montbell Plasma 1000, pushed the limits of what it means to be ultralight even further. Others, like the Nemo Tensor Extreme Conditions sleeping pad, showed real innovation by raising their R-value to an industry-leading 8. …
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Rab Winter Sleep System

Posted by Andy Neil on Nov 30, 2023

Winter camping enthusiasts understand the importance of a good night's sleep in extreme conditions. When the temperatures drop and the elements become more challenging, having the right gear makes all the difference. This article explores the perfect winter camping sleep system that combines cutting-edge technology, lightweight design, and unparalleled warmth.

Rab Sustainability and Responsibility

Nov 23, 2023

Our Mountain Manifesto is a set of shared commitments to help us all tread more lightly on the planet. Join us in creating positive change in our industry. Product: Prolong life and performance and minimise the impact of end-of-life. Planet: Drive more sustainable packaging solutions and highlight the environmental impact of air freight. Partner: Improve standards for workers and mi …
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Rab Mythic G Down Jacket

Nov 01, 2023

The Mythic G is the next evolution of our award-winning Mythic family, offering featherlight, packable performance. With 1000FP down and a heat-reflective TILT lining, which reduces your radiant heat loss by up to 30% without a gram of extra weight, the jacket is incredibly warm. The lining is body-mapped to trap heat where you need it most and absent in hot spots for improved comfort, allowing th …
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Rab Vapour-Rise Alpine Light Jacket Review - “There is no better stand-alone outer layer when the wind whips around you on a cold, crisp mountain day.”

Posted by Andy Neil on Oct 04, 2023

I love September; moving from summer to autumn is always my favourite time. The change in weather means it's the perfect time to get out hiking and to test out some of this year's new Autumn and Winter range. One of the first pieces I was keen to get my hands on was Rab’s latest incarnation of the Vapour Rise Alpine Light Jacket, which has always been a stand-out piece in Rab's ran …
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Rab Vapour-Rise Technology Explained

Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Oct 02, 2023

The Vapour-Rise™ system excels across the mountain, offering you all-in-one temperature regulation, moisture management, and protection from the elements. Its ability to maintain comfort in a range of conditions allows you to put-on and press-on.

Rab Vapour-Rise Ridgeline Jacket Review - “The fabric technology in Rab VR Ridgeline truly makes this jacket a performance piece.”

Posted by Chris Futers on Sep 29, 2023

Heading into the Autumn season I was able to put the new Rab VR Ridgeline through its paces on Lakeland trail running adventure, testing out in the arena it was designed to excel in. What is Vapour-Rise™ Rab’s Vapour Rise (VR) range has been with us for some time now, designed as an ‘active insulation’ piece that can be worn through changing weather conditions. The original vision fr …
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