Lifesystems Venture Solo Hooped Bivi Review - “Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for solo expeditions or as a backup shelter in emergencies”

Posted by Andy Neil on Apr 09, 2024

Despite my fondness for extended week-long treks and cross-country journeys, I still cherish the simplicity of brief overnight adventures close to home. For me, the allure of minimalist camping, carrying only the necessities, is just as exhilarating as a week-long hike. So, I was thrilled when Lifesystems approached me to try out their innovative Venture Solo Hooped Bivi, which promised …
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Montane Dart Lite Long Sleeve T-Shirt Review - “The lightweight fabric worked well under a waterproof ... and as a stand-alone layer when the sun came out.”

Posted by Lois Fife on Oct 02, 2023

The Women’s Montane Dart Lite long sleeve base layer is the lightest weight item in the Dart range and is perfect for warm weather activities, high exertion sports or as part of a layering system. The 100% recycled APEX PK Eco fabric doesn’t have much stretch and fits where it touches, so isn’t highly compliant with the movement of the body during activity. The plus side is that fabric …
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GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Twist Vacuum Bottle Review - ''It really is great having an instantly hot or cold drink straight from your backpack''

Posted by Trek Scotland on Aug 21, 2023

The GSI Microlite 500 Twist Vacuum Bottle is one of those items you might consider as a bit of a luxury, especially when going ultralight. Many will opt to carry a filter system over carrying liquid, so why do you need an insulated flask? The first thing to note is that the Microlite Twist can keep liquid cold for 20 hours and hot for 10 hours, so is suitable for both winter and summe …
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Optimus Polaris Optifuel Stove Review - ''A single hose which takes seconds to screw off and onto the alternative fuel source. A great feature for a stove of this type!''

Posted by Trek Scotland on Aug 21, 2023

Stoves have evolved much over the years with the new standard generally being a screw on stove which solely relies on a gas canister rather than alternative fuel. There are not many places in the UK where you won’t be able to source a range of canisters in various sizes, season ratings, and brands. So, is there still a place for a stove like the Polaris which covers a wide range of fuel …
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Leki Cross Trail FX Superlite Poles Review - ''Perfect for my needs and specifically for my 2023 TGO challenge''

Posted by Chris Futers on Jul 21, 2023

Now, I’m not a total novice to using trekking poles having done multiple hikes with poles and long-distance trail runs using poles. However, using more budget choices, I was eager to see what a premium trekking/running pole has to offer over the cheaper alternatives. With all this in mind, Leki’s Cross Trail FX Superlite trekking poles, upon review, appeared to be perfect for my needs and spe …
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Black Diamond Pursuit FLZ Trekking Poles Review - "Versatile, packable and have even given consideration to on trail maintenance''

Posted by Andy Neil on Jul 19, 2023

I converted to hiking poles in 2017 when I completed Wainwright’s coast-to-coast. They help you power up hills, take pressure off your knees, and stay balanced on uneven terrain. A mountain lead I know says, “There are two types of people who hike with poles, those with bad knees and those that don't want bad knees”. I use trekking poles to erect my tent, so they support me and my shelt …
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Pure Clear Life Filter Personal Survival Straw Review - "This is a fantastic product''

Posted by Andy Neil on Jul 12, 2023

The Pure Clear Life Filter Personal Survival Straw sets itself apart from the rest of its competitors in a few ways; firstly, the price, it's almost half the cost of some of the other leading water filtration devices, and most notably, the  Pure Clear Life Filter doesn't just filter out bacteria silt and protozoa as the other standard water filters do, it also removes viruses, he …
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Pure Clear Collapsible Squeeze Water Filter Bottle Review - "All in all, an impressive bit of kit. Relatively inexpensive, and easy to use''

Posted by Chris Futers on Jul 04, 2023

Having completed this year's TGO challenge, one of my constant companions along the way was Pure Clears Collapsible Squeeze Water Filter Bottle. After 14 days use, here are my thoughts; Before using the water filter bottle, one of the biggest draws was the price, at £27.95 it is a much more attractive proposition compared to some of Pure Clears main rivals, which have RRP’s upwar …
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Pure Clear ‘Active’ Filter Bottle Review - "Perfect if there is a regular water source to collect from as it eliminates the need to carry excess fluid''

Posted by Lois Fife on Jun 07, 2023

I have used this 750 litre bottle as my main hydration system for 2 multi-day trips. It is perfect if there is a regular water source to collect from as it eliminates the need to carry excess fluid. Setting the bottle up for the first time requires the filter to be sat in water for a couple of minutes to activate it, then put it into the bottle. Using the  Active Water Filte …
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My Introduction to Scottish Munro’s - Ben Alder – April 2023

Posted by Lois Fife on Jun 06, 2023

When given the opportunity to join a trek in the Scottish Highlands, I jumped at the chance. Being a regular hill walker on the North York Moors and with a few multi-day hikes in the Lakes under my belt, I had done very little, on foot that far north. My kit choices for the weekend were selected based on a damp but calm weather forecast and potential overnight low temperatures into mi …
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Nemo Sleep System Review - "Perfect for 3 and 4-season use in the UK''

Posted by Lois Fife on May 25, 2023

As a cold sleeper, I find the combination of the Nemo Women’s Riff 15 Sleeping bag and the Tensor Insulated sleeping mat perfect for 3 and 4-season use in the UK. The spoon shaped Riff 15 has 825g of down in the Women’s (and 540g in the men’s) and 800 fill power in both versions giving a comfort limit of -9C for both men and women. As a side sleeper, I find the Riff has the ben …
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Revelation 850FP 20F Down Quilt Review - “ It’s an amazingly lightweight option for camping”

Posted by Mark Richardson on Feb 27, 2023

850 Fill Power down / -6.6 Comfort rating / Regular Length / Wide / 683 grams Fill Weight (Regular Wide) 479g In the right conditions quilts are an amazing way of sleeping outdoors,  Enlightened Equipment specialise in quilts and are very good at it. When Summer camping you can sleep under a quilt and feel really comfortable compared to the restrictions of lying inside a co …
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