Andy’s 2023 TGO Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on May 09, 2023

May means one thing here in the Ultralight office, The Great Outdoors Challenge, or the TGO for short. We are incredibly proud to be a sponsor of this communal coast-to-coast crossing of Scotland. Three of our team, Danny, Chris and myself, are participating in this year’s TGO, so I thought I’d give you an insight into what’s in my pack and some of the gear I’ll be taking for this year’s chal …
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Outdoor Research SuperStrand LT Insulated Hoodie Review - “This synthetic is the closest thing to down I have come across”

Posted by Andy Neil on Feb 13, 2023

Winter arrived early and was cold here in the UK, so I was incredibly grateful to be offered a chance to test out the SuperStrand LT Insulated Hoodie at the beginning of December. I've been using this jacket as my primary insulation for over three months now, not just in the hills but in my day-to-day life as well, and I'm a big fan of this lightweight synthetic jacket from American bra …
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Outdoor Research Radar Pocket Cap - Trail Magazine Review

Posted by Trail Magazine on May 04, 2022

Useful for keeping both sun and rain out of your eyes, a cap is a summer essential. This one has UPF 50+ protection and is breathable and moisture-wicking to reduce sweat-induced discomfort; water- resistant and quick-drying for wearing in the wet. It also has a foldable brim so it packs easily away in your pocketVERDICTBreathable, packable, quick-drying, and designed for outdoor living. …
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UOG Review - Outdoor Research Stargazer Bivy

Posted by Mark Richardson on Nov 30, 2020

The Stargazer Bivy has made my bivying experiences much more enjoyable than with my older, basic unhooped bivy. I think a hooped bivy is more than worth the extra weight penalty for the additional room and comfort it gives you by keeping the fabric away from your face. The intelligent design means that the angle of the hoop gives the bivy a reasonably stable structure. Using the 2 peg i …
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Trek Scotland Review - OR Stargazer Bivy

Posted by Trek Scotland on Nov 16, 2020

A bivy adventure for us is all about feeling connected to the environment you wish to lay in. Tents are great and offer a lot of comfort and safety, but once you close the doors you miss that immersive experience with what’s going on outside. Bivying also avoids many of the issues surrounding pitching a tent for example, due to unsuitable ground or finding a large enough area, especially whilst ou …
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Outdoor Research Information Page

Oct 12, 2020

The OR StoryAt Outdoor Research, we built a company from a feeling: the urge to get out. It's what drives us. We love coming to work every day and inventing ever better solutions to what nature throws our way. But we're more than just the gear we build. We're part of a community of friends whose lives are connected by our common need to be outside. Our tribe is devoted to exploring our outdoor pas …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - Outdoor Research Ninjaclava

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Nov 26, 2019

Weighing in at a mere 58 grams the Ninjaclava packs some serious protection when the temps are low and stops any ice and snow penetrating the face and neck. The outer is a smooth-faced fabric whilst the inside is made up of a micro fleece which is warming, soft and comfortable against the face. The overlapping design covers everything but the eyes and although the overall design can be worn in a v …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody

Nov 18, 2019

When the OR Ascendant Hoody arrived we were very excited as OR have laid down a big claim saying this jacket would be “your new favourite layer for fall, winter and spring.” Active Insulation, Water-Resistant, Wind-Resistant, Breathable, Lightweight, Movement-Mirroring Stretch Fabric, Adjustable Helmet-Compatible Hood, are all qualities that sound like a winner but when it arrived we were a little …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - OR Shiftup Sensor Gloves

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Nov 11, 2019

For the team at Cairngorm Treks there are certain items we always carry, with gloves being a huge part of our kit and used on a daily basis, so we are always keen to test new items when they come to market.The Shiftup Sensor Gloves are made from lightweight synthetic materials, mainly a mix of polyester and nylon, with an average weight of 44g for a large pair. 

Cairngorm Treks Review - Outdoor Research Foray Jacket

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Oct 14, 2019

The Foray Jacket comes in at 390 grams for the size medium, which puts it into a bracket of being a midrange waterproof. To the touch it certainly isn't as rugged as it is with a heavier 3L mountain jacket but it also isn't as flimsy as a super light active sports waterproofs. The Foray hits the 'go anywhere' category and it is instantly clear that OR have created a waterproof jacket tha …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Nov 05, 2018

It's hard to think of a piece of headwear that could divide opinions quite as much as the OR Seattle Sombrero. From first impressions, the actual shape and functionality of the hat is very different from what the name might suggest. Sombrero would propose this to be suited to warmer climates with a very wide brim to keep you cool and protected on very hot sunny days. Although the Sombrer …
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Outdoor Research AscentShell Technology

Oct 17, 2018

Waterproof and Breathable: Is it possible?AscentShell is an Outdoor Research exclusive, proprietary fabric that’s a waterproof, breathable three-layer fabric that broadens your comfort zone during aerobic effort throughout changing conditions. It’s created by an electrospinning process where charged polymers are affixed to a grounded surface. Those polymers gather into a breathable membrane that, …
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