Which LEKI Trekking Poles?

Posted by Mark Richardson on Mar 18, 2024

We stock a full range of LEKI poles. Whilst they can be quite heavy compared with truly 'ultralight' trekking poles their design and build quality are exceptional, they build trekking and running poles that will not let you down, they are tough, reliable and will give years of service. In this post we look at our current stocks of LEKI trekking poles and give advice and our opinion so you can …
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Rab Winter Sleep System

Posted by Andy Neil on Nov 30, 2023

Winter camping enthusiasts understand the importance of a good night's sleep in extreme conditions. When the temperatures drop and the elements become more challenging, having the right gear makes all the difference. This article explores the perfect winter camping sleep system that combines cutting-edge technology, lightweight design, and unparalleled warmth.

10 Tips for Wet Weather Backpacking

Posted by Mark Richardson on Oct 11, 2023

#1 Take a Waterproof Cap: The hoods on shell jackets are generally pretty good, some have a decent peak but the lighter weight ones can be poor in this respect. None of them can beat wearing a waterproof cap under the hood though, the large peak keeps the rain off your face and it helps keep the hood from shifting when you turn your head. #2 Two bags are better than one: Check …
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Exped Winter Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on Sep 19, 2023

As the nights are drawing in and the temperature is starting to dip, we are excited about the prospect of the upcoming winter camping season. Winter camping can be more challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Cosy nights curled up in the tents, crisp frosty mornings, and dark star-filled skies are all only a few months away. So, we have teamed up with our friends at EXPED to de …
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Guide to Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Apr 26, 2023

Black Diamond were virtually the first company to bring to market truly lightweight foldable trekking poles suitable for trekking and running, the engineering is outstanding and over the years they have honed and perfected the features so they are now among the best poles available. They aren't so good at naming them, however, since the words and letters used in the names have specific meanin …
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Exped Summer Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on Mar 20, 2023

We love working with, Exped, so we compiled a summer backpacking kit list, an all-encompassing kit list perfect for one-night adventures and week-long trips.Exped’s new Mira II HL Tent – is a robust and roomy two-person tent that isn’t just a place to bed down but is a nice place to hang out; the tent has a lot of headroom, so if you are confined to it for any length of time, you can still si …
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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Long-Distance Hike

Posted by Andy Neil on Mar 16, 2023

For me, there is no greater feeling than standing at the start of a national trail or standing in the sea, ready to make a coast-to-coast crossing or, for the truly intrepid, embarking on a multi-day journey that you, yourself, have devised. If the West Highland Way or Wainwright’s Coast to Coast have long been an ambition of yours, but the logistics of such a mammoth task leave yo …
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About Ortlieb

Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Feb 08, 2023

In 1982, Hartmut Ortlieb founded ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany. In 1997 the company relocated to the Middle Franconian town of Heilsbronn, in the regional district of Ansbach. The first ORTLIEB bike panniers were created in pure personal need for waterproof equipment – it wasn’t available at that time! The first products were hand-made on Hartmut mother’s sewing machine: dry bags …
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About Exped

Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Feb 07, 2023

About EXPEDEXPED's history is closely linked to the life story of Heidi and Andi Brun, who set off to fulfill their common dream of experiencing solitude in the wilderness. The experience they gained turned them into extraordinary innovators. A honeymoon of a different kind began in 1980.After selecting a location, they embarked for northern Canada with the bare necessities and built a log cabin b …
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About La Sportiva

Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Feb 07, 2023

La Sportiva was born in 1928 when Narciso Delladio hand-crafted wooden leather boots for many lumber-jacks and farmers of the Fassa and Fiemme valleys (Dolomites, Italy). After the war, the demand for boots increased obliging Narciso to hire new workers: the good name of "Calzoleria Sportiva" crossed the boarders of the valleys. Starting from here the La Sportiva’s history continued to grow. …
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What is Fabric Denier?

Posted by Mark Richardson on Nov 09, 2022

Fabrics used in Outdoor Clothing and Equipment are often described as 20D or 7D, this figure is known as the Denier of the fabric and is useful in determining the differences between some products. On this page we explain what it means and how it can be used.

Silva Head Torches - Our Range Explained

Posted by Mark Richardson on Nov 07, 2022

Silva Head Torches are a bit different, using two beams instead of one, and with a full range of battery and feature options we explain the different models on this page. The one thing all our Silva Head Torches have in common is Silva's Intelligent Light functionality, the unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light results in less head movement, better control, imp …
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