The Hiking Layered Glove System

Posted by Andy Neil on Dec 04, 2023

A hiking layered glove system provides a variety of advantages, including increased comfort and functionality during outdoor activities. The multi-layered design is adaptable to various weather conditions and terrains. The glove system is comparable to the layering system for the body. The base layer, or liner glove, is a thin, moisture-wicking glove that promotes good movement and dexte …
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Mastering Winter Hiking: A Layering Guide

Posted by Andy Neil on Nov 14, 2023

Hiking in the winter can be a magical experience, with pristine, snow-covered landscapes and crisp, invigorating air. However, it also comes with unique challenges, including fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions. Mastering the art of layering your clothing is essential to ensure you stay warm, comfortable, and safe during your winter hikes. In this comprehensive guid …
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Choosing Winter Gloves

Posted by Mark Richardson on Jan 19, 2023

You only have to go outside for ten minutes in cold weather to realise how important a decent pair of gloves is, if you go outside on a mountain for a full day out then your choice of glove could make or break your enjoyment of the day!Windy and wet conditions further exacerbate the problem of keeping your hands warm and comfortable because they rob your hands of heat.We look at the consider …
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Mountain Equipment Couloir Gore-Tex Gloves - Trail Magazine

Posted by Trail Magazine on May 04, 2022

This is a waterproof and breathable glove with a Gore-Tex insert that offers reasonable dexterity, toasty warmth and impressivetoughness. The palms, thumbs, knuckles and all the fingers are made from goatskin, which gives great protection and excellent grip, ideal for technical mountaineering. The pre-curved shape and rollover fingertips further enhance overall durability and tactility.VERDICTOur …
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Extremities Torres Peak Glove - Trail Magazine

Posted by Trail Magazine on May 04, 2022

Slide your hands into the Extremities Torres Peak gloves and the warmth is instantaneous. This comes from a luxuriously high-loft fleece lining and an opulently generous helping of Primaloft insulation. Along cuff extends this coziness over the wrist, while Extremities' in-house X Dry technology ensures the gloves are waterproof, windproof, and breathable.VERDICTA warm, cozy, and thickly- padded g …
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Montane Supercell Gloves - Trail Magazine

Posted by Trail Review on May 04, 2022

These warm, tough and waterproof mountaineering gloves have a nylon outer shell with goatskin reinforcements on palms, fingers and thumbs. Inside, a thick pile lining wicks superbly, keeping handsdry and comfortable. Extended cuffs with a drawcord closure ensure a good seal, while wrist leashes help to prevent losing one in the hills.VERDICTWarm, well-built gloves that are cracking value too. More …
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Trek Scotland Review - Rab Guide 2 GTX Gloves

Posted by Trek Scotland on Jan 20, 2020

Rab’s Guide Gloves are popular among winter mountaineers throughout the UK. When receiving the Guide 2 GTX we were obviously eager to see how this new model matched up against our trusted older pairs. Rab’s new partnership with Gore-Tex is the obvious stand out change, plus the use of their warm waterproof technology which claims to be highly insulated, waterproof, windproof, breathable, and guara …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - OR Shiftup Sensor Gloves

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Nov 11, 2019

For the team at Cairngorm Treks there are certain items we always carry, with gloves being a huge part of our kit and used on a daily basis, so we are always keen to test new items when they come to market.The Shiftup Sensor Gloves are made from lightweight synthetic materials, mainly a mix of polyester and nylon, with an average weight of 44g for a large pair. 

Cairngorm Treks Review - Rab Xenon Mitts

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Feb 11, 2019

Rab state the Xenon to be a superlight and packable insulated mitt and this certainly seems true when unpacking them. These are seriously small, almost fooling us into thinking we had been sent the wrong item until we pulled them out of the small bag to reveal a full-size pair of mitts.The outer shell is made up of two distinct materials. The first being a Pertex Quantum fabric which use …
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Cairngorm Treks Review - Montane Womens Powerstretch Pro Grippy Glove

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Oct 15, 2018

Used throughout Autumn in the Cairngorms and surrounding areasBefore even handling these gloves, you can tell they are designed for comfort and to maximise dexterity. They lack the bulk that comes with many cold-weather gloves, and the cut of the Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric alludes to a good fit with a focus on non-restrictive movement. At this point you may be sceptical that these non-cumbe …
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