RAB Xenair Range - Intelligent Insulation

Posted by Mark Richardson on Feb 22, 2024

On this page we look at Rab's Xenair range of jackets and vests which are designed for active outdoor users explaining the function and features of the garments and pointing out the differences between them.

Mastering Winter Hiking: A Layering Guide

Posted by Andy Neil on Nov 14, 2023

Hiking in the winter can be a magical experience, with pristine, snow-covered landscapes and crisp, invigorating air. However, it also comes with unique challenges, including fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions. Mastering the art of layering your clothing is essential to ensure you stay warm, comfortable, and safe during your winter hikes. In this comprehensive guid …
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Our Top 10 Winners In Our Taste Test

Posted by Andy Neil on Oct 27, 2023

We weigh everything we sell so that our customers have the most accurate information possible, but did you know we also taste every dehydrated meal we sell too? Over the last year, we have tasted every meal we sell, scoring each out of 10. We know which meals need more or less water, which need more time to hydrate, and which are best avoided altogether. So, we have compiled this list of our …
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Time-Saver Guide to Choosing a Waterproof Jacket

Posted by Mark Richardson on Oct 16, 2023

A Waterproof jacket that will cope with most conditions will have a Hydrostatic Head of 20,000mm and an MVTR (breathability) of 20,000g/m2. In both cases higher is better. 2 and 2.5 layer jackets are less durable than 3 layer jackets but tend to be lighter in overall weight and more packable. 2 and 2.5 layer can sometimes feel a bit clammy next to the skin because of the lack …
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The Time-Saver Guide to Choosing a Tent

Posted by Mark Richardson on Sep 28, 2023

Single skin or Two skin? Most people choose a two skin tent because single skin tents suffer more from condensation Two skin tents tend to be warmer because of the air between the inner and outer Single skin tents tend to be lighter and more spacious 3 Season versus 4 Season? 4 Season tents handle wind and rain better and some are capable of handling snow 4 Se …
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Exped Winter Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on Sep 19, 2023

As the nights are drawing in and the temperature is starting to dip, we are excited about the prospect of the upcoming winter camping season. Winter camping can be more challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Cosy nights curled up in the tents, crisp frosty mornings, and dark star-filled skies are all only a few months away. So, we have teamed up with our friends at EXPED to de …
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The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Posted by Andy Neil on Jul 24, 2023

Choosing a sleeping bag can be a daunting task. Getting started with so many different options and variations can be difficult. This will be one of the biggest investments, along with your tent, for backpacking, so it's important that you make the right choice for what you need. We want you to pick the best sleeping bag for your adventures, so we've compiled this guide to help you narrow your …
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Reflections on Summer: Our 6.6kg Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on Sep 28, 2022

As the summer draws to a close and the cooler months start to creep in, we thought it would be a good time to look at some of the kit we’ve been using over this year’s spring and summer backpacking season. Not all of its brand-new kit, and not all of it is as ultralight as we could have gone, this is the gear that has worked for us on some of our most recent trips. We’ve been testing this gea …
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Which LEKI Trekking Poles?

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 28, 2022

In this post we look at our current stocks of LEKI trekking poles and give advice and our opinion so you can choose the best one for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Ultralight Backpacking Quilts

Posted by Danny Pearson on Apr 25, 2022

Backpacking quilts are rapidly increasing in popularity especially amongst lightweight backpackers. So, what is a backpacking quilt? Essentially, it’s half a sleeping bag with no bottom layer (although there might be a footbox) and in most cases no zip or hood. The down in a sleeping bag gets compressed underneath you so do you really need it? So why would you choose a quilt over a …
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Choosing Lightweight Hiking Footwear

Posted by Danny Pearson on Apr 05, 2022

About the author: I’m not a foot specialist or medical practitioner, but I have walked thousands of miles on some of the best hiking trails in the world, I know what works for me but we are all different – the aim of this article is to outline the choices you will be faced with when choosing your next hiking footwear, choices which you should make for yourself rather than accept what I do. …
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Granite Gear: Crown2 vs Blaze

Aug 17, 2020

Granite Gear: Crown2 vs BlazeHow do you decide between two award winning packs with seemingly similar stats?The Crown2 and the Blaze are both 60L multi-day backpacks and at first glance they appear to be the same. They have similar features and use similar materials so it can be a little confusing trying to work out which pack is best for you. However, once you can identify the differences they ap …
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