RAB Xenair Range - Intelligent Insulation

Posted by Mark Richardson on Feb 22, 2024

On this page we look at Rab's Xenair range of jackets and vests which are designed for active outdoor users explaining the function and features of the garments and pointing out the differences between them.

Rab Vapour-Rise Alpine Light Jacket Review - “There is no better stand-alone outer layer when the wind whips around you on a cold, crisp mountain day.”

Posted by Andy Neil on Oct 04, 2023

I love September; moving from summer to autumn is always my favourite time. The change in weather means it's the perfect time to get out hiking and to test out some of this year's new Autumn and Winter range. One of the first pieces I was keen to get my hands on was Rab’s latest incarnation of the Vapour Rise Alpine Light Jacket, which has always been a stand-out piece in Rab's ran …
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Rab Vapour-Rise Technology Explained

Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Oct 02, 2023

The Vapour-Rise™ system excels across the mountain, offering you all-in-one temperature regulation, moisture management, and protection from the elements. Its ability to maintain comfort in a range of conditions allows you to put-on and press-on.

Rab Vapour-Rise Ridgeline Jacket Review - “The fabric technology in Rab VR Ridgeline truly makes this jacket a performance piece.”

Posted by Chris Futers on Sep 29, 2023

Heading into the Autumn season I was able to put the new Rab VR Ridgeline through its paces on Lakeland trail running adventure, testing out in the arena it was designed to excel in. What is Vapour-Rise™ Rab’s Vapour Rise (VR) range has been with us for some time now, designed as an ‘active insulation’ piece that can be worn through changing weather conditions. The original vision fr …
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Rab Vapour Rise Summit Jacket Review - ''The lighter fabric still offers a high level of wind resistance and the breathability was excellent''

Posted by Jamie Mantle on Sep 27, 2023

The new Vapour Rise Summit Jacket is an update on the classic series that has been a constant fixture in the multisport jacket category for years. The reason for this is the high level of versatility it offers not just in the activities that you can use it for but also the conditions that you can use it in. Making it one of the first things you will want to pop into your bag whatever …
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Rab VR Summit Jacket Review - ''This is now my go-to as an active mid-layer replacing my poor battered fleece''

Posted by Jamie Mantle on Aug 21, 2023

The VR Summit jacket from Rab is a true all-in-one multi-sport jacket that can take also a lot of punishment and is perfect for a number of different weather conditions. This is a Jacket that you will find yourself using a lot due to the versatility that it offers. Firstly, it is a very lightweight jacket so it is a simple one to just pop on without having to worry about extra pack we …
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Montane Axis Alpha Review - “A perfect choice for high workloads in unforgiving environments”

Posted by Trek Scotland on Aug 24, 2022

One of the more technical jackets we have used over the past 6 months, the Axis Alpha Down jacket on first appearance is similar in design to the Montane Quattro Fusion, a jacket we very much enjoyed testing and reviewing and have continued to use over the past few years. Montane has a great reputation for creating some very innovative clothing, with a wide mix of materials to produce …
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What is Pertex Quantum Air?

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 18, 2022

Pertex Quantum Air is one of a range of ultralight fabrics from Pertex, we explain what the fabric is and does here including our opinion.

Pertex Fabrics Overview

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 18, 2022

We summarise the Pertex fabric range here. Follow the links for more information.