Updated Gear from Platypus

Jun 03, 2024

The ultralight QuickDraw Filter System delivers fast and easy filtration, and allows users to customize their systems with multi-vessel compatibility, to give adventurers the best user experience of any squeeze filter on the market. The dirty reservoir is light and compact and built to withstand the rugged demands of a months-long thru-hike. Its wide-mouth opening and fill-handle keep your hands d …
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TGO Kit List Highlights 2024

Posted by Andy Neil, Danny Pearson and Lois Fife on May 02, 2024

May means one thing in the Ultralight office: The Great Outdoors Challenge, or the TGO, for short. We are incredibly proud to sponsor this communal coast-to-coast crossing of Scotland. This year, Lois, Danny, and I are taking part in this years crossing. Lois is embarking on her first, and Danny and I are attempting our third TGO challenge.The TGO Challenge is a unique coast-to-coast trek across S …
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Andy’s 2023 TGO Kit List

Posted by Andy Neil on May 09, 2023

May means one thing here in the Ultralight office, The Great Outdoors Challenge, or the TGO for short. We are incredibly proud to be a sponsor of this communal coast-to-coast crossing of Scotland. Three of our team, Danny, Chris and myself, are participating in this year’s TGO, so I thought I’d give you an insight into what’s in my pack and some of the gear I’ll be taking for this year’s chal …
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Platypus Quickdraw Microfilter System Review - Trek Scotland

Posted by Trek Scotland on Jun 17, 2022

Making sure we have safe drinking water is a key consideration for us. Especially when looking at group activities over multiple days. Even a slight illness in the group can lead to the disappointment of an early finish. So having a device which you can trust to provide safe drinking water from most outdoor sources cannot be overlooked. Fortunately, there are now many water filtra …
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Platypus Gravityworks Complete Kit Review - Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 05, 2022

I was using a Platypus 2.0L Hoser as my daily hydration system so I decided to leave the clean side bladder at home and use the hoser in its place, this brought the weight of the system down to 221g, which is reasonable for piece of mind and ease of use. There are certainly pump action filters that are lighter than this but they take quite a bit of effort to get the same filtered res …
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Platypus QuickDraw Microfilter - Trail Magazine Review

Posted by Trail Magazine on May 04, 2022

Water sanitation comes in all shapes and sizes these days, but I love the simplicity and portability of this super-lightweight filter. It weighs just 95g and the reservoir just wraps around the filter, taking no space in your rucksack. It works quickly and effortlessly, to decant clean water, free from particles, bacteria and protozoa into whatever container you want (including straight into your …
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