Montbell Warmth Guide

Posted by Montbell on Jan 30, 2024

Sweater Weight Warmth: Light in weight and highly compressible these garments travel well, but when needed deploy easily yielding lofty down sweaters of surprising warmth. Versatile thermal components, these pieces’ shine as a middle layers in shoulder seasons, while proving essential on their own in cool backcountry conditions. Mid-Weight Warmth: Compact and portable these pieces p …
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Montane's New Season: Autumn Collection

Aug 24, 2023

We know plans can change in the mountains, just as the weather can. Our new season gear has adaptability built in, so you’ll be prepared, no matter whatever you encounter. Discover lightweight, breathable clothing and equipment that doesn’t compromise on protection. From protective waterproof jackets to warm, down jackets, technical fleeces and durable legwear – our technical layers are designed t …
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Montane Down Ranges Explained

May 23, 2023

Discover our range of Montane's down insulated winter jackets, engineered to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. Created with outdoor activities in mind, we have a range of Montane down jackets that offer lightweight versatility, durability and warmth. Ideal for high-altitude adventures or cooler evenings at camp, our down jackets have been designed with exceptional warmth to weight rat …
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Outdoor Research VerticalX SuperStrand Synthetic Insulation

Posted by Mark Richardson on Dec 22, 2022

Outdoor Research's VerticalX SuperStrand Synthetic Insulation is built to deliver exceptional warmth to weight ratio, it compares to 700-800 Fill Power down in terms of its softness, weight and lofting ability. On this page we explain how it works.

Mont-bell Plasma 1000 Technologies

Posted by Mark Richardson on Dec 20, 2022

Mont-bell's Plasma series are highly advanced ultralightweight garments, on this page we explain the three key technologies used to achieve their amazing warmth to weight ratios.

Montane's Autumn/Winter 2022 Season Highlights

Aug 25, 2022

Seek new challenges this season. With cooler climates and challenging elements on the horizon, stay comfortable on the trails with Montane’s new autumn winter range.Stay well protected with our new season layers, whether it’s walking, running or ski touring. From warm, packable down jackets, to protective GORE-TEX waterproof jackets and technical fleeces, these outer layers and breathable layerin …
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Rab Down Jacket Warmth Guide

May 25, 2022

What affects the warmth?Down Quality Generally the more down in a jacket (fill weight), the warmer it is going to be but this assumes the down is the same quality. However, down quality can vary significantly and is measured by its fill power. A higher fill power down will keep you warmer than a lower fill power. To make matters worse there are two widely recognised methods of measuring Fill Power …
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Knowledge Base - What is a Box-Wall Down Jacket?

May 24, 2022

A Box-wall down jacket is one that utilises 'Box-wall' construction for it's baffles. Baffles are the pockets of space that are created between two layers of fabric which then hold the goose or duck down that is in your jacket. These chambers filled with down are how the jacket keeps you warm. Your body heat warms the air around it through radiating that heat, when you are wearing a down jacket th …
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Knowledge Base Page - The Benefits of Merino Wool

May 14, 2018

Merino is a type of wool that comes specifically from a merino sheep. The merino sheep breed came originally from Spain but was domesticated and bred on a commercial scale in New Zealand and Australia, with Australia still producing around 80% of the worlds merino today. The merino sheep thrives in hostile conditions where other breeds would perish, meaning that they have developed a high quality …
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