Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag Range 2019 Overview

Oct 20, 2019

Light, Warm & Adaptable

Whether you're looking for versatility in unpredictable conditions, technical performance at an ultra-light weight, or unrestricted freedom of movement, our new range of down and synthetic sleeping bags showcase intuitive design features for superior comfort and ease-of-use, wherever your adventures take you.

Free-Flow Zip System

Our Free-Flow triple-zip design ensures your sleeping bag retains maximum warmth and efficiency when needed and multiple ventilation options when it's not. The half zip on the right side of the bag (left side on women's bags) provides freedom of movement for both arms, additional ventilation and allows the top third of the bag to be folded down as a mini quilt when the mercury climbs higher than expected.

Zip Bags Together

Down and synthetic bags identified with our zip coupling symbol use a 165cm #5 YKK full-length zip which allows a unisex left-handed and a womens specific right-handed bag to pair together. Designed to pair side by side, each person sleeps in their own bag enabling each of you to take advantage of your bag's unique insulation zones, hood and footbox features - perfect for cosy adventures for two. Bags with full-length #5 YKK zips on both sides can also be coupled together with other pairing bags.

At a glance...

The lightest Sleeping bags from Sea to Summit with the smallest pack size. Temperature ratings ranging from 9C to -15C comfort limit. Read more>

Sea to Summit's backpacking quilt range, lightweight due to quilt design fastens to itself around a sleeping mat. Read more>

The Sea to Summit Explore Down Sleeping Bags are perhaps the roomiest bags in our range. They're a versatile bag with plenty of venting options and can be turned into a conventional quilt. Read more>

Traveller TrI Down Sleeping Bag is a light-weight versatile sleeping bag for the space conscious traveller. It can fully opened and used as a quilt. Read more>

Traditional comfort and value, with an anything but traditional design approach, our Trek Series sleeping bags are what we grab for globe-trotting adventures on a budget. Read more>

Quick Overview of range of temperatures served

Spark Sp & Flame Fm

Updated for 2019 & New Womens Specific Version

When you need a high performance sleeping bag but don't want to be weighed down by one, the Spark & Flame series of bags are what you reach for.

This series of bags spans everything from an ultralight liner bag to an expedition weight mid-winter bag. While the end usage is very different, they reflect a design ethos of matching weather conditions to the lightest bag possible.

For 2019 the Spark bags have been improved with vertical baffles being used across the torso, this optimises the position of the down and prevents it from migrating during use. The SpIII & IV utilise a box-wall construction across the entire bag whilst the II uses it across just the torso. This allows the down to fully loft, accommodating more of it and reducing cold spots that you get with stitch-through designs.

The Sparks have also had a slight tweak in their design, they are now wider than previous versions and feature longer length zips. Sea to Summit have also changed the fabric that they have used for the internal lining of the Sparks, they are now using a 7 denier fabric, which is down from 15 denier, for a super silky smooth feel and slight weight-saving.

The womens specific Flame bags are wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulders, Sea to Summit have also added extra down overall, in comparison, for increased warmth.

Unfortunately, the Spark and the Flame bags are not designed to pair with one another.

Spark Range

Weight (Regular)     Comfort Limit     Comfort      Extreme      Fill Weight
SpIV    856g-15°C-8°C-36°C620g

Flame Range

(The recommended temperature rating for an average woman to use is the comfort rating.)

Weight (Regular)     Comfort Limit     Comfort      Extreme      Fill Weight
FmIV     900g-17°C-10°C-38°C600g

Ember Eb lightweight quilt

Ditch the Zipper

Another updated model in the Sea to Summit range of sleeping bags & quilts. For 2019 the Ember quilts have seen their fabrics improved from 15 denier shell and liner fabric to a 10 denier shell & 7 denier lining. This will make the bag lighter but also much more comfortable to sleep under with the 7 denier fabric having a super-silky feel. Sea to Summit have boosted the fill power of the down used to fill the Ember quilts from 750 in previous models to 850+ in 2019's model.

The width of the quilt has also been changed with an extra 15cm room across the shoulders. This increase in size allows you to wrap up more in really cold conditions negating the often quoted downside of backpacking quilts.

Two Ember quilts can fasten together with press studs to create a roomy double quilt.

The EbII & III utilise box-wall baffle construction to maximise the insulative effect of the down, vertical baffles across the torso keep the down in place in the most critical areas focussing the warmth around your core.

Quilts in general are recommended for outdoor enthusiasts who might be fed up with the restrictions that you can sometimes feel with a sleeping bag. The Ember quilt's multiple configuration possibilities provide a very versatile sleep system for a wide range of temperatures.

(Quilts are not temperature rated to the same standards as sleeping bags, Sea to Summit have offered a temperature range for which they think the Ember quilts are suitable)

Weight (Regular)     Temp range from     to       Fill Weight 
EbIII   740g-3°C-10°C500g

Explore Ex

Comfort & Versatility

Designed for those who love space, versatility and plush comfort. The Explore is ideal for outdoor adventures that return to the same campsite each evening.

The generous allocation of high quality 750+ fill power down ensures great insulation, while oversized draught tubes prevent your body heat from escaping. The pannelled footbox and 3-dimensional hood make sure you're not compressing the down when you're trying to stay warm.

Weight (Regular)     Comfort Limit     Comfort      Extreme      Fill Weight
EXIII Double    2090g-13°C-6°C-32°C1000g

Traveller Tr

Ultimate Travel Choice

The Traveller bag/Quilt is updated for 2019 with new ultralight 15 denier fabrics. It's the ultimate choice for a Camino pilgrimage, round-the-world adventure or staying warm on a plane.

It uses a cinch drawcord at the foot of the bag to retain maximum warmth and mummy bag shape. Undo the drawcord and fully unzip the bag to create a spacious quilt to share. You can even zip two of these together to create a formiddable, double, travel sleeping bag that will transform your nights sleep in any hostel or dingy hotel room around the world.

Weight (Regular)     Comfort Limit     Comfort      Extreme      Fill Weight
TrI    436g10°C14°C-2°C200g

Trek Tk

Comfort, Versatility & Value

Trek TkI Sleeping Bags are not among the lightestout there, but they are versatile and packed with useful features.

The standout feature is the full length 2 way zip and a further zip along the foot box. This allows the bag to be fully unzipped, opened out and used as a conventional quilt. The 2 zips overlap to prevent heat loss. Having the 2 way zips gives you plenty of venting options if conditions are too warm. There is a large zip baffle to prevent heat loss through the zip.

The slighly tapered rectangular shape gives you plenty of wriggle room. There is a draw cord at the header for a snugger fit if required. There is a handy zipped pocket at the header for keeping useful items close by, secure and also warm which is great for preserving battery life.

Weight (Regular)     Comfort Limit     Comfort      Extreme       Fill Weight
TKIII    1176g-11°C-5°C-30°C700g