Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag and Quilt Ranges Explained

Posted by Mark Richardson on Feb 21, 2024

Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags



A True Minimalist Bag

The Spark sleeping bag is the perfect option for lightweight adventures that puts comfort at the forefront. The optimal  warmth to weight ratio and 850+ FILL Power makes this bag as comfortable as it is compact and easily packable.


The Spark Women's sleeping bag is specifically designed for women with added warmth and heat retention for versatility and functionality. Featuring an optimal warmth to weight ratio, the Spark Women's bag is equally compact and comfortable.



Spark Pro

A True Minimalist Bag

The Spark Pro sleeping bag is the perfect option for lightweight adventures that puts comfort at the forefront. With the ability to be adapted to a range of conditions, the Spark Pro is as lightweight as it is versatile and functional. The optimal warmth to weight ratio makes this bag as comfortable as it is compact and easily packable


Women's Flame

A True Minimalist Bag

The versatility of the Flame Ultralight Women's Sleeping Bag Series spans from an ultralight down-filled liner to a mid-winter fast-and-light sleeping bag. Each model uses premium materials and design to provide cutting-edge performance.


The women's specific mummy fit is narrower at the shoulder and wider at the hip, and features extra down compared to the unisex Spark models.


Women's specific features, designed for minimum weight, performance is hard to beat.




Flexible Quilt/Sleeping Bag Option

This aptly named sleeping bag and down blanket is the traveler's best friend. Whether you are on a summer bike tour, or a hut trip, or couch surfing, or simply stuck at an airport or ferry terminal, the Traveller unpacks from an almost impossibly small compression sack to reveal a rectangular sleeping bag which can also unzip to form a blanket.


The Traveller completely unfolds to make a quilt or with a zip and foot drawcord can be converted to a sleeping bag.




Comfort Shape and Innovative Venting

The Ascent Sleeping Bag is the most versatile in our sleep range and is suited to a multitude of climates, conditions, and adventures. From long distance hiking to weekend getaways, the ultra lightweight 750+ FILL Power offers added warmth in cooler climates while the Free Flow Zip System allows for added air flow and ventilation in warmer climates. Putting comfort and adaptability at the forefront, the Ascent Sleeping Bag is a premium option for versatile adventures.



The Ascent bags are great all-rounders, technical details with 750+FP Down ensure performance while they're shaped for comfort with three zip venting options.


Ascent -1°C (EN: -2°C & Weighs: 777g)

Women's Ascent -1C (EN: -2°C & Weighs: 895g)

Ascent -9°C (EN: -9°C & Weighs: 1025g)

Women's Ascent -9°C (EN: -9°C & Weighs: 1242g)




Comfort Shape and 650+FP Down

The Trek down sleeping bag brings the comfort of a tapered-rectangular mummy shape and the versatility of a dual-zip ventilation system to wherever your travels may take you. The full-length side zipper and secondary foot box zipper allow you to increase ventilation or open the Trek completely flat like a comforter, and the quality down will keep you warm and snug on chilly nights.


The broader mummy cut gives you room to move inside the bag, regardless of your sleeping position. 


The semi rectangular shape feels more spacious and it also has the flexibility to convert to a quilt.



Women's Venture

The Venture women's synthetic mummy sleeping bag brings new levels of versatility to the realm of synthetic-insulation sleep systems. A full-length right-side zipper, a half-length left-side zipper, and a foot box zipper provide unparalleled ventilation or allow the Venture to be opened completely flat like a comforter.


The unique WaveLoft construction allows the Thermolite insulation to expand out into air-trapping curves for maximum warmth, and the overall wider mummy shape of the Venture matches your natural sleeping position for supreme comfort

Whatever the weather conditions - make sure you pack this bag before you venture out.



The Traverse transitions easily into warmer weather with a full-length left-side zipper, a half-length right-side zipper, and a foot box zipper that provide unparalleled ventilation or allow the Traverse to be opened completely flat like a comforter. In colder weather, the unique WaveLoft construction allows the Thermolite insulation to expand out into air-trapping curves for maximum warmth.

Whatever the season, the wider mummy cut of the Traverse gives you room to move, no matter what position you sleep in.

Sea to Summit Quilts



Ember Quilts

Ultralight Construction

An Ember quilt can be an ideal light and packable option for bikepackers, ultralight hikers and travelers. Constructed using high quality 850+ loft Ultra-Dry Down and featherweight fabrics, this well-constructed quilt offers freedom from the weight of a sleeping bag zipper and from the constriction that comes with some sleeping bags.


The Ember Series takes the simplicity of the quilt concept a step further - snap-on attachment straps keep your quilt located on your sleeping mat, while the drawcord base of the 50°F and 35°F give the Ember a shape-shifter' function: wider at the base for more freedom of movement when it's warm, snugged down when it's cooler.

Ember quilts are a rare thing, a quilt made to the same ultralight high quality spec as a sleeping bag


Cinder Quilts


The Cinder is a lightweight, super-packable quilt protected by a waterproof yet breathable shell. A drawcord pulls the foot end together into a foot box for cooler nights, and three adjustable straps keep the quilt secured to your sleeping mat.

Quilts are perfect for weight-conscious backpackers. The lack of a zipper and hood reduces weight and packed volume, and the broad cut provides freedom of movement. Sea to Summit quilts feature the QuiltLock system which allows quilts to connect to a Sea to Summit sleeping bag adding an extra season of warmth.


Cinder quilts are made from 20D fabrics, 750+ FP down with a sewn through construction.


We stock the key ranges of Sea to Summit sleeping bags, find out which they are, our opinion and what they do on this page.