Supply Chain Issues

Dear customer,

If you are reading this page, you are possibly wondering why the product you are looking for is unavailable or why there is a lack of choice in some categories. We understand that this is frustrating and feel your pain!

To make shopping the website easier we are now displaying only those products that we have in stock. We receive fresh deliveries daily so stocks are updated regularly. This is a temporary measure until stocks return to normal levels.

We are working with our brand partners to ensure that we receive new stocks as soon as they become available. Here is an overview of when you might expect to see more of your favourite brands, if you don’t see them listed, please contact our customer service team who will try to assist you.



  Estimate Delivery Dates

Big Agnes  Tents
 Copper Spur HV UL 1 - June
 Copper Spur HV UL 2 and 3  – late May
 Copper Spur HV UL 4 - September
 Copper Spur HV UL 5 – December

 Fly Creek HV UL 1 - June
 Fly Creek HV UL 2 – late May

 Tiger Wall UL 1 - September
 Tiger Wall UL 2  and 3 – late May

 Bikepacking Tents:
 Copper Spur HV UL 2 Bikepack  - late May
 Fly Creek HV UL Bikepack – June
 Tiger Wall Bikepack – September
 Blacktail Hotel Bikepack – June

 Platinum Tents:
 Tiger Wall – June
 Copper Spur - September

 Sleeping Mats and Sleeping Bags – mostly good supply

 Furniture – items currently out of stock expected mid July

 Many tents have good stocks but there are delays on the following tents:

 Enan – imminent

 Anjan 2 - imminent

 Soulo – mid June
 Allak 2 – mid June

 Unna – early July

 Niak – early July

 Soulo Black Label - late July


 Freelite – late June
 Carbon Reflex – late June
 Hubba Hubba NX Green – mid June
 Access – July

 Universal Footprints – late June

 Reactor 1.0L and 1.7L – late May
 Pocket Rocket Deluxe and Deluxe Stove Kit – late May


 Most sleeping mats in good supply
       - Any out of stock air mats should be available mid/late May

 Most sleeping bags and quilts in good supply

 Z-Seats – delivery date TBC



 - Dagger Osmo expected late May
 - Hornet expected late May
 - Dragonfly Bikepack expected June
 - Kunai expected August

 Sleeping Bags: Mostly good supply

 Sleeping Mats: Mostly good supply

 - Tensor Insulated mats expected mid May
 - Non-insulated Tensor mats expected mid May
 - Tensor Alpine Mummy expected mid July

Sea to Summit

 Tents: Some are in good supply

 - Alto TR2 expected late May
 - Alto TR2 Plus expected late May

 Sleeping Bags: Expected mid June

 Tents delivery date TBC 


 Sleeping Mats: 

 - Ultra Mats expected in May
 - Dura Mats expected in May

 Sleeping Bags: Expected mid June

 Tents: Expected Mid June (may be delayed until August) 

Granite Gear

  Blaze in size Regular - expected early June

  New Crown 3 Rucksack - expected early June


The outdoor industry, the same as the world economy, is currently facing serious supply chain issues. These issues started with Brexit followed by the Covid pandemic, the cost of transportation, lack of containers in China and the war in Ukraine.

There are issues at every level of the world-wide supply chain. To give some examples –

Raw materials – there is a shortage of yarn and fabric due to Covid lockdowns, increased demand has reduced availability and slow shipping.

Manufacturing – Covid lockdowns, shortage of labour and materials plus power shortages in China have reduced and delayed production of many products.

Shipping – there is a shortage of available containers and capacity on key transport routes.

Geographical issues – Covid policies differ around the world with many Asian countries still experiencing lockdowns and factory closures. The war in Ukraine - some outdoor brands are manufactured in Ukraine including Gore-Tex. Lockdowns in Shanghai means there are further delays on some product categories, such as tents and sleeping bags as product is unable to leave China at the moment.

Land Transport – the shortage of drivers for HGVs.

Demand – since Covid more people are enjoying the outdoors than ever before putting additional pressure on availability.

The combination of all these issues has created a perfect storm resulting in widespread shortages of products across all categories but especially tents. In many cases an alternative product will be available from another brand if your first choice can’t be found.