Knowledgebase Page - A Beginners Guide to Ice Axes

May 24, 2022

The intention of this page is simply to provide guidance and advice to those with limited winter mountaineering experience. It is not definitive piece and is based solely on our experiences in the mountains. The aim is to simply help customers understand differences and focus on what they might need from the options available when considering buying an ice axe. We hope to provide some general advi …
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Succinct Gear Reviews Review - Petzl Ride Ice Axe

Posted by Succinct Gear Reviews on Jan 08, 2018

At 240g, the Petzl Ride is light, it weighs less than half as much as some of our other ice axes! This short and light axe is an ideal addition to the axe arsenal for routes that involve mostly rock with only some ice/snow (i.e. descents/approaches from alpine rock routes) or for carrying on a ski tour where its use is unlikely.We like short ice tools and really believe that the places where a lon …
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