Thermarest Sleeping Bags Explained

Posted by Mark Richardson on Jul 06, 2022

Thermarest Down Sleeping Bags


Hyperion are Thermarest's premium ultralight sleeping bag, made using the pinnacle 900+ Fill Power down contained within a mix of sewn through and box wall baffles. The Hyperion is so focussed on ultralight backpacking that they produced a limited quantity of 45F/7C bags which we have exclusive access to - with a total weight of 370grams the Hyperion 45s are the ideal mountain marathon or 2 season backpacking bag.



The Ohm sleeping bags bring roominess and simplicity to ultralight backpacking. Filled with the highest quality 900+ Fill Power Down and built with box wall construction you know you are getting the highest warmth to weight ratios you can get. The package though is different - a rectangular and roomy bag without a hood and with the ability to open out into a quilt. If relaxed ultralight backpacking is you - this is your bag.



The Parsec sleeping bags are filled with premium 800 Fill Power down zoned to concentrate the down in the areas that benefit most, such as concentrating more down on the top of the bag. The Parsecs are also a roomier fit than the likes of Hyperion, they are designed for comfort and performance rather than wholly focussed on performance which sometimes may result in a slim fitting bag.



Questar sleeping bags are roomier than lighter bags and are filled with 650 Fill Power down, but that doesn't mean they aren't technical or focussed on performance. Thermarest have gone to great lengths to get the maximum thermal efficiency out of the shape and fill of the Questars. They are highly efficient spacious bags.


Polar Ranger

Designed in collaboration with renowned polar explorer Eric Larsen the Polar Ranger is designed for expedition use in extreme cold conditions.



Thermarest Down Quilts

Vesper Quilts

Vesper quilts are state of the art, filled with 900+ Fill Power down contained within box wall baffles the Vesper Quilts offer the maximum possible warmth to weight ratio. Add to this performance the footbox and side wall features and you have a very accomplished quilt option.


Corus Quilts

Corus quilts combine 650 Fill Power down and box baffles to get the most warmth out of the materials, with a discrete footbox and options to keep the quilt in place on your pad they are a good alternative to a sleeping bag for those people who want a more relaxed sleeping experience.


Vela 2-Person Quilts

Vela quilts combine 650 Fill Power down and box baffles to get the most warmth out of the materials, with a discrete footbox that works to either keep the quilt in place or for extra warmth where you need it. The Vela quilts offer a more relaxed sleeping experience.



Thermarest Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Space Cowboy

A highly technical synthetic fill sleeping bag rated to EN: +7C at a good weight for synthetic bags. Differential fill helps achieve the efficient use of the filling



A highly technical, roomier, synthetic fill sleeping bag employing differential fill techniques to get the best out of the materials used. The estra room in these bags, the technical footbox, snag free zipper and oversized zip baffle all contribute to the Saros being a superb synthetic choice.


In this post we look at the various Thermarest Sleeping Bags and explain the differences and best use.