Womens TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max

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311g (per UK6 shoe)

The TrailFly focuses on durable cushioning and comfort. With the impressive graphene grip soles and a huge amount of cushioning these shoes are ideal for long distances, equally adept for running an ultra or fastpacking …

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The TrailFly focuses on durable cushioning and comfort. With the impressive graphene grip soles and a huge amount of cushioning these shoes are ideal for long distances, equally adept for running an ultra or fastpacking in the hills. 

Inov8 says

The TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX is a revolutionary trail shoe featuring the world’s first Graphene-enhanced foam, called G-FLY. The foam delivers 25% greater energy return and retains its optimum levels of underfoot rebound and comfort for longer, so runners feel faster and fresher over greater distances.

Pioneering a new way for cushioned ultra running shoes, the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX also features a unique underfoot ADAPTER-FLEX groove, allowing it to adapt and react to the terrain like no other. And that’s not all. GRAPHENE-GRIP rubber delivers the world’s toughest trail traction, while the supportive upper fit adapts to the natural changes of the foot when running big miles. It’s time to defy the limits of your long run.

Our Verdict

Inov8's Trail Fly Ultra G 300 Max have really taken things to the next level. The midsole stack comes in at 19mm to 25mm, improved tread design for greater grip and graphene-enhanced G-FLY cushioned foam used to provide up to 25% more energy return with some serious longevity. This shoe is purely focused on covering serious miles. There are reinforced sections along the toe bumper and eyelets, with thicker laces and hard wearing material around the heel too. Breathability is still impressive with the mesh fabric upper so even when you've been going for a while this helps, as it does with wet feet too as they are really quick drying.

They have the widest fit on the Inov8 scale which is ideal for longer distances, whether running or walking. They have a huge amount of stack from the foam to provide loads of cushioning for longer outings. The G grip series gives you an massively upgraded sole in terms of additional grip and seriously impressive durability compared to anything else on the market.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear



  • Graphene-enhanced rubber delivers the world’s toughest grip – insane sticky traction AND increased durability, no compromise. 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, 50% harder wearing, scientifically proven. 
  • 35 multi-directional 4mm deep lugs on each shoe have been meticulously shaped and positioned to improve both propulsion at the front and braking at the rear. 
  • Measured spacing between the lugs prevents debris from sticking to the outsole, while water dispersion channels and rubber dimples give extra grip on slick surfaces. 
  • Vertical grooves cut into the rubber allow the foot’s metatarsal bones to move more independently, aiding adaptability and flexible grip when running over uneven terrain.


  • Graphene-enhanced G-FLY cushioned foam is more resistant to wear. It retains its thickness and optimum levels of snappy energy return for longer, helping runners feel faster and fresher over greater distances. Incredible energy return AND increased durability, no compromise. 
  • The new foam gives 25% more energy return. Laboratory tests show that even when the foam is aged to mimic extensive use, it still delivers more energy return than some unaged foams. Athletes testing the foam said it was still performing well after 1,200km – double the industry standard. 
  • Stack heights (midsole & outsole combined) of 30mm in the heel and 24mm in the forefoot, make this our most cushioned shoe ever. A 6mm drop (heel to toe differential) hits the sweet spot for long-distance comfort.
  • A revolutionary 10mm deep ADAPTER-FLEX groove makes this the only max cushioned shoe that adapts, reacts and moulds to uneven terrain for a responsive ride. It frees the stacked midsole of rigidity and works in tandem with the foot’s midtarsal joint to increase flex and mobility. 
  • BOOMERANG insole features hundreds of expanded TPU beads that compress and spring back for 40% more energy return – and greater cushioning – than standard insoles. Retains its 6mm thickness and optimum performance level for longer, while wicking away unwanted moisture.


  • ADAPTER-FIT technology delivers a supportive fit that adjusts to the natural movements and swelling of the foot when running long distances. Lightweight, breathable air mesh materials further aid a soft, natural feel without compromising on durability. 
  • A wide toe-box (grade 5 on our 1-5 fit scale) and lightweight racer tongue enhance the overall comfort, while a double-layered toe guard increases protection against rocky terrain. The tongue is also gusseted to keep debris out of the shoe.


  • UK 6 (per shoe) weighs: 311g
  • Fit (1 narrow - 5 wide): 5
  • Drop: 6mm
  • Footbed: 6mm
  • Lug depth: 4mm
  • Midsole: G-FLY
  • Full stack height (midsole & outsole): 30mm heel / 24mm forefoot
  • Midsole stack height (midsole only): 25mm heel / 19mm forefoot
  • Shank: DFB
  • Sole Compound: Graphene Grip

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Inov8 Womens TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max

Womens TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max

RRP: £164.99
| You save: £80.00 (48%)
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