UOG Review - Evernew ECA-251R Titanium Ultralight Pot 0.6L

Aug 15, 2016

A really good piece of kit, very light and strong; after 5 weeks being bashed around in my backpack there were no dents and it kept its shape.

The handles fold away to wrap around the main body, so it took up very little room in the backpack. It is made from very thin metal, which allows water to boil very quickly, however it also means that the food can burn easily if it becomes stuck to the bottom, so regular stirring is required.

I found that when eating food outside where it is windy the food can cool down quickly, however when eating the food inside a hut or in the tent the food stayed warm throughout the meal.

As I was solo backpacking the size was nearly perfect, in the mornings I used it to cook porridge and there was ample room for enough porridge for one person. In the evenings I used it to cook pasta with soup as a sauce, when cooking Macaroni there was plenty of room in the pan and I could cook about 250g of pasta, but when cooking Fusilli I could only cook around 150g of it and that was with me being conservative with the water. I think ideally the next size up, 0.9 litres, would be the perfect size for a solo backpacker and only 24g heavier.

Alex G

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