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May 11, 2020

What is Thermo Ionic Lining Technology?

Outdoor gear that is designed to keep you warm, such as sleeping bags and down jackets, does so by trapping air near to your skin, this air is warmed by heat radiating from your body creating a warm layer of air around you. The majority of the heat from your body is lost to the atmosphere, Rab has been looking at how to capture more of that energy without having a weight penalty on their sleeping bags.

This new fabric technology from Rab is applied to the inner lining of their new sleeping bag, the Mythic Ultra. This reduces radiative heat loss by reflecting heat back towards the body resulting in increased levels of warmth. This dramatically increases the Mythic Ultra's warmth-to-weight ratio without changing the original fabric's properties or increasing the weight of the sleeping bag. This is the golden ratio for us here at Ultralight Outdoor Gear as if you can improve the insulating properties of a piece of kit without adding any weight to it you're going to get two thumbs up from us!

Up to 32% warmer than an untreated sleeping bag

0% heavier.

Thermo Ionic Lining Technology utilises Titanium coated nylon fibres to create the reflective coating on the inside of the sleeping bag. When this is coupled with the very high quality down.

The New Rab Mythic Ultra

The Mythic Ultra is pushing the boundaries for technological advancements in sleeping bags. The warmth to weight ratio is spectacular thanks to the use of Thermo Ionic Lining Technology and a combination of the best and lightest materials available. This is an exciting high performance sleeping bag.

The Mythic Ultra redefines what it means to be 'ultralight'. Using a world-first, heat-reflective fabric treatment called Thermo Ionic Lining Technology, this is premium protection for those counting every last gram.

Designed and constructed by Rab's in-house technicians on the back of 40 years of hard-won mountain expertise, the award-winning Mythic Ultra is one of the world's most advanced lightweight sleeping bags. Though constructed with an exceptionally light ripstop 7D outer and filled with high-loft 900+ fill power European goose down, the really special part is the inner lining. This incorporates world-first Thermo Ionic Lining Technology (TILT), which adds a titanium coating to the fibres to reflect heat back towards your body, enabling it to significantly boost warmth without increasing weight, compromising breathability or sacrificing any features.

Weighing just 400g, the stripped-back insulation of the TILT-equipped Mythic Ultra 180 is the ultimate expression of performance without penalty.

The advanced boxwall construction uses trapezoidal baffles to allow the down to loft more effectively while eliminating the risk of cold spots. The overall weight of this bag has been kept down to just 394g with the combination of the top quality down, the special lining and using lightweight 7D fabrics. The down is able to loft quickly and effectively as soon as you get it out and give it a shake. Although it's not the roomiest of bags the fit certainly works well at reducing areas of cold air and keeping you warm through the night.

As you would expect with a bag for designed for this kind of temperature, there is an ergonomically designed collar and hood, angled footbox and anti-snag zip guard. However, as you might expect for a bag like this, it is a pretty slim fit, has a small zip making access slightly more restrictive and the fabrics used need to be treated with care to avoid damage. Overall, this is an amazing bag which is aimed at experienced backpackers and alpinists who value warmth and weight

Trek Scotland review the Mythic Ultra

Our partners at Trek Scotland got their hands on a Rab Mythic Ultra very early on and have written an in-depth review of the bag.

"Rab has always been regarded as producers of innovative sleeping bags at the highest quality. The Ultra Mythic 180 only backs up this claim with the standout feature being the TILT liner. Boosting the warmth of the bag by around 30% meant that less down is required, so at 400 grams and packing down to the similar size of a bag at nearly half its warmth rating makes for a minimalist’s dream item."

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Trek Scotland is a small family business based in the picturesque village of Tomintoul in the North East region of the Cairngorms National Park. They provide bespoke Mountain Guiding for Single Day Walks and Lightweight Multiday Trekking experiences, including wild camping, in the stunning Cairngorms wilderness and surrounding areas. Whether in the high mountains or lower valleys, their Multiday Treks are equipped with high quality, lightweight camping and trekking gear. They only work with small groups and, whatever your ability, pride themselves on designing your outdoor experience completely to your needs and with professional guidance and expertise. Adventure is waiting...