Skyscape Trekker 1P Tent

Tent Design:
Hybrid Skin
Season Rating:
3 Season
806g (ex. pegs/bags)
Trekking Pole Tent:
Tent Capacity:
1 Person

Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker provides a lot of internal space for such a light tent, achieving this by using trekking poles as its framework and utilising a hybrid single/two skin design. Six Moon Designs says The …

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Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker provides a lot of internal space for such a light tent, achieving this by using trekking poles as its framework and utilising a hybrid single/two skin design.

Six Moon Designs says

The Skyscape Trekker is our most versatile solo tent. Its' convenient two-door setup provides lots of external storage under the vestibules. Both vestibules can be configured in different ways or rolled back to open up the tent to over 300-degree views. The Trekker is also our longest shelter with a floor that stretches over 8ft. 

The Skyscape Trekker is constructed with 100% Silicone coated Polyester material. The Canopy is 20D material and the floor has been constructed with 40D material for additional strength. The canopy stretch has been decreased along with the packed volume. The Skyscape Trekker now features longer 3mm cord rear guy outs (not shown in photos) which provide improved interior height at the foot and increased ventilation at the rear. All guy lines are now also reflective.

All Skyscape models utilize a dual fixed length 45" or 115 cm pole support structure to create an A-frame like structure. This can be achieved through the use of trekking poles or our collapsible Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Poles (Sold Separately). While both poles work well with the Scout, the Aluminum poles are more lower in price, while our Carbon Fiber poles are half the weight.

The dual pole structure is slightly offset from the center of the tent. The offset yields extra headroom when lying down, reducing that claustrophobic feeling. Further, it allows the Skyscape to be extremely rigid when guyed out, creating a structure capable of riding out the worst storms.

The Skyscape employs a Hybrid Double Wall construction. Over 80% of the canopy is separated from you by a mesh wall, keeping that wet canopy at bay. The Hybrid Double Wall construction allows the vestibules to roll back. On warm summer nights, convert the Skyscape into a net tent; pesky bugs stay outside while you enjoy the view and breeze from inside.

The Skyscape's large side entry door lets you easily enter the tent or retrieve gear. With floor-length over 100 inches, the Skyscape accommodates the tallest hikers. You can carry a light tent and still sleep well.

Trekker Model

The canopy and floor of the Trekker are constructed of Silicone Polyester. This fabric has been the workhorse of fabrics used to build ultralight tents for the last decade. Its main properties are its strength, lightweight and that it’s impervious to mold or mildew. The Trekker is great when you want to be light but don't want to break the bank.

Our Verdict

Six Moon Design's Skyscape Trekker 1P Tent has kept the classic design but seen an upgrade in materials to improve performance and durability. The change in materials should see less stretch in the fabric while giving it a slightly smaller pack size too. They have managed to keep the weight down while maintaining the versatility of being able to use trekking poles or tent poles which was always a great advantage over many other traditional solo tents. This newer version has been adapted to make it much more usable for taller sleeper without sacrificing weight.

The two pole design allows for a lot more head height, especially with the integrated spreader bar. However, I always find this a bit too much when setting up and when I'm tired at the end of a long day the last thing I want is to spend ages fiddling and adjusting just to get the tent set up. There is a good amount of space provided by the vestibules and the two door access is a big plus. Ventilation can be an issue with any single skin tent but it is fairly easy to deal with in this tent as long as you understand that you will inevitably have to face this problem.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear



  • Hybrid Double Wall
  • Dual Entry
  • Vestibules rollback for excellent views and ventilation
  • Dual Pole structure is extremely stable in wind and snow
  • Bathtub Floor
  • Stash Pocket
  • The wide ceiling gives plenty of headroom
  • Extended floor for tall hikers
  • Side entry for easy access
  • Easy Setup
  • Packs extremely small

Product FAQ:

Do the Six Moon Designs tents and shelters come already seam sealed?

Six Moon Designs currently only offer non-seam sealed tents and tarps to their dealers. Due to the volume of seam sealing for their own direct orders this service is also not currently available for special orders either. SMD are hoping to be able to start offering this service to dealers again in the future.

If you want to seam seal your SMD tent, the product to use is Gear Aid Seam Grip Sil (also known as McNett Silnet but recently rebranded).



  • Tent weighs: 806g (excludes bag, includes spreader bar)
  • Season rating: 3
  • Sleeps: 1
  • Comes with: Tent, Stuff Sack, Guy Lines, Spreader Bar
  • Pack size: 38cm x 12.7cm
  • Required Pegs: 5 (not included)
  • Guy lines: 1.8mm cord
  • Colour: Green
  • Usuage: Ultralight Backpacking


  • Type: Hybrid Double Wall
  • Frame: Pitches with 2 45" Trekking poles (not included)
  • Entry: Dual side entry
  • Floor Space: 23 ft 2 - 2.2 m 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Vestibule Size: 16 ft 2 - 1.4 m 2


  • Canopy: 20D Silicone Polyester, 3,000mm rating
  • Floor: 40D Silicon Polyester
  • Mesh: 20D No-see-um
  • Zipper: #3 ykk

Notes: Pegs and pole are not included.

Help and advice:

Skyscape Trekker 1P Tent

Skyscape Trekker 1P Tent

RRP: ₪1,496.42
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