Revelation 850FP 10F Down Quilt with Draft Collar

797g (Regular)
Comfort Limit:
Insulation Type:
Fill Weight:
447g (based on regular size)
Fill Power:
Down Treatment:
Zip Length:
Short Zip
Zip Position:
Centre Zip

Quilts are a brilliant way to lighten the loads, and we are incredibly pleased to be suppliers of enlightened equipment, a quilt specialist from the U.S.A. We think this is the perfect quilt to use year-round here in the…

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Quilts are a brilliant way to lighten the loads, and we are incredibly pleased to be suppliers of enlightened equipment, a quilt specialist from the U.S.A. We think this is the perfect quilt to use year-round here in the UK, and is one of our favourite pieces of gear, definitely one of our top picks!

Enlightened Equipment says: 

Our original and best selling sleeping quilt! A favorite of long distance hikers, the Revelation Sleeping Quilt is known for its amazing versatility, thoughtful design, and ultralight weight. On warm nights, The Revelation can lay open as a blanket, or in colder temperatures you can cinch the adjustable 1/4 length zipper footbox closed. This design allows you to dial in a comfortable night’s sleep in a wide range of different temperatures and climates.

The Revelation is a sleeping quilt, not a sleeping bag, which means it’s designed to be used with a sleeping pad to provide insulation underneath you, between you and the ground. The Revelation doesn’t have a full-length zipper or a built-in hood, saving weight and space in your pack.

Our Verdict

The Revelation is an incredibly versatile and adaptable quilt; left open, it works fantastically in warmer weather; unrestrictive, it’s similar to sleeping with a duvet at home. However, the quilt can be cinched right down in cooler climates, more akin to a traditional sleeping bag, including a foot box, created by zipping the sides together and pulling a draw cord to close the foot. The Footbox isn’t restrictive, and it stops your feet from straying out from under the quilt.

The Revelation includes a pair of clips that can secure the quilt to a sleeping mat; this isn’t confining and allows you to toss and turn without twisting the quilt around you. The clips are effective and prevent the quilt from moving too much, so you don’t create yawning gaps for the heat to escape.

The quilt packs down incredibly small, so it takes up very little room in your pack. This 10°F / -12°C Quilt is perfect for 3 season uses here in the UK and mild winter camping, as with all quilts, a good mat with a high R-value and good thermals are required if you wish to push the quilts to use into the minuses.

If you’ve never taken the plunge into quilt camping, but it’s something you have considered, we think you would be hard-pressed to find a better brand than Enlighten Equipment to take the leap finally.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Footbox has a 20” zipper and shock cord combination for a totally adjustable closure.
  • Included pad attachment system uses elastic straps and clips on each side of the quilt to keep it secure on a sleeping pad and lock out drafts on cold nights.
  • Snap and drawcord neck closure lets you fine-tune draft control.
  • Unique U-shaped continuous baffles keep the down where you need it, all night long.
  • Includes Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz), 100% cotton storage bag, and 2 Elastic Straps (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop).
  • Stuffed, finished and inspected in Winona, MN. Shells are imported.
  • Draft Collar now included


  • Temperature Rating: 10°F / -12°C (The temperature ratings are independently verified through EE's own testing, customer feedback and design knowledge. Most of the items in the catalog have been made for years, which means there is lots of prior knowledge from everyday consumers on what ratings are accurate)


  • Weight: 797g (excludes stuff sack)
  • Length: 78" / 192cm
  • Shoulder Width: 54" / 137cm
  • Foot Width: 40" / 101cm
  • Fill Power: 850
  • Fill Weight: 19.31 oz / 447g

Regular Wide

  • Weight: 830g (excludes stuff sack)
  • Length: 78" / 192cm
  • Shoulder Width: 58" / 147cm
  • Foot Width: 42" / 106cm
  • Fill Power: 850
  • Fill Weight: 20.34 oz / 576g

Note: All quilt height and width measurements reference the dimensions of the sewn but not stuffed product. Each quilt type measures differently based on product design. For sizing related questions, please review the size chart located in the image section. The length measurement above is taken while the quilt is completely open and laid flat. When the footbox is fully closed the length will decrease by 4” - 6”. Unless otherwise noted, this chart reflects the weight of 10D outside and inside fabric.

Material & Construction

  • Outer fabric is Navy 10D fabric. Liner fabric is a Charcoal 10D. Fabric has a DWR finish.
  • Lighter colored fabrics are semi-transparent, which will see through to the down. Down is not white, but a mottled grey and white mix. 
  • 850FP Grey Duck Down. Ethically sourced from an RDS certified supplier. Down product weights may vary +/- 3% due to production variances.

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Enlightened Equipment Revelation 850FP 10F Down Quilt with Draft Collar

Revelation 850FP 10F Down Quilt with Draft Collar

From: ¥83,336
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