Lite XL Stove System

463g (excluding bag)

An integrated cook system that simplifies set-up and makes for a more user-friendly stove to use on the trail. Primus says:  A larger version of the Lite Plus, this compact, lightweight and fuel-efficient top-mount…

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An integrated cook system that simplifies set-up and makes for a more user-friendly stove to use on the trail.

Primus says: 

A larger version of the Lite Plus, this compact, lightweight and fuel-efficient top-mounted kitchen solution is the perfect choice for 2 people.

This compact and lightweight backpacking stove system is the larger version of our Lite-line of stove systems that can easily feed 2. The extremely efficient heating system boils water in a flash and packs your kitchen needs away in a small package. Attach and lock the 1.0L pot to the burner with a simple twist. The Piezo igniter lights the stove with a push of a button so you can boil water quickly. The Laminar Flow Burner is extremely compact and puts out a 4500BTU (1500 W) flame, boiling 0.5L water in two and a half minutes in a quieter cooking experience. Simply pour directly from the pot spout or use the included pots support pegs for use with ANY pot or pans. If you are just hanging around, you can unbuckle the handle and pair with the included suspension kit while waiting out the weather under a tree or in a portaledge. Easily pack the stove attached to a 230g gas canister into the hard-anodized aluminum pot that has a cork insulated sleeve made of G-1000 Eco Lite fabric for burn free handling.

Our Verdict

I like the twist lock system, which securely locks the pan to the stove head; it's simple but seems more effective than other similar stoves I have used. As this stove set-up is designed for two, it snuggly fits a 230g gas canister inside, which, even if I'm going solo for anything over five days, I'd always pack anyway, so it's nice to see a stove system accommodate that.

The lid is a snug fit but is easy to remove after boiling, and there is no chance you will burn your hands; the lid also doubles as a cup. I'm also a fan of the fact the Lite XL Stove System has an actual handle, it gives greater control when pouring or handling the stove, and again this reduces the likely hood off of accidental burnings. The option to use any pan without purchasing or bringing additional equipment is also a big plus for me.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Lightweight system stove burner locks securely to the pot when in use.
  • Burner and 230g gas canister packs conveniently inside pot for ultimate travel experience.
  • Oversized and foldable control valve for precise flame control.
  • Laminar Flow Burner Technology™ offers a lower center of gravity making the stove stable, lighter and more compact.
  • Piezo ignition, no lighter required.
  • Includes pot support pegs to use with any non-system pot or pan.
  • 1.0L hard-anodized aluminum pot with pour spout and integrated heat exchanger.
  • Removable handle allows you to cook or transport pots with ease.
  • Cork-lined insulated pot sleeve made from G-1000 ECO Lite fabric with a sleeve pocket that holds accessories.
  • Bio-based plastic pot lid doubles as a cup.
  • Comes with a bio-based Canister Stand to attach on the gas canister for extra stability and a Hanging System when you can’t find a flat space to cook.
  • Coffee/Tea Press for Litech Trek Kettle (not included) makes up to 1.0L of you favorite hot beverage on-the-go.


  • Weight: 463g
  • Height: 15,5 cm
  • Diameter: 12.3 cm
  • Volume: 1L
  • Weight: 460 g
  • Group size: 1 - 2 People
  • Igniter: With Piezo Igniter
  • Boiling Time PrimeTech Pot: 2.30 min
  • Power: 1700 W
  • Gas included: No

Material & Construction

  • Material: Biobased Plastic, Brass, Cork, G-1000, Hard Anodised Aluminum, Stainless Steel

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Primus Lite XL Stove System

Lite XL Stove System

RRP: £148.99
| You save: £11.00 (7%)

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