Granite Gear: Crown2 vs Blaze

Aug 17, 2020

Granite Gear: Crown2 vs Blaze

How do you decide between two award winning packs with seemingly similar stats?

The Crown2 and the Blaze are both 60L multi-day backpacks and at first glance they appear to be the same. They have similar features and use similar materials so it can be a little confusing trying to work out which pack is best for you. However, once you can identify the differences they appeal to very different users.

In simple terms, if you want a fast and light pack then the Crown2 is the best option. If you want a more comfortable pack capable of carrying heavier loads then the Blaze is the one for you.

The packs use a tried and tested design with a main compartment, large stretch mesh pockets on the front and sides, a removable lid with roll-top closure underneath and compression straps. They both use a combination of 100D and 210D high-tenacity nylon making them durable and highly resistant to wear. The 210D fabric on the Blaze has been updated with UHMWPE triple ripstop increasing the durability and strength significantly. The highly adjustable, dual density Re-Fit hipbelt system is the same on both too.

This page aims to highlight the similarities and differences between the two packs so you can understand which will best suit you.

Crown2 60

Introducing the all-new Granite Gear Crown2 60, an ultralight yet ultra-comfortable multi-day pack. This new and improved successor to the classic Crown V.C. 60, boasts our patent-pending fully adjustable Re-Fit hip belt, our new and innovative Air-Current Mark 2 compression molded PP frame sheet with molded foam back panel, and bonus lid (removable), all while weighing in at 2.2lbs. (regular torso without lid). for ultralight loads, the frame sheet can be removed lowering the weight to 1.7lbs. The Crown 2 60L has a fixed, non-adjustable torso length that is offered in 3 torso sizes.

Weigh: 1142g (Regular size)

Capacity: 60L

Carrying Capacity: Up to 15kg

Materials: 100D High-tenacity nylon with NeverWet liquid repelling treatment & 210D High-tenacity ripstop nylon with NeverWet liquid repelling treatment

Frame: V.C. (Vapor Current) mark 2 Frame with 35lb (15kg) load rating


  • Dual density shoulder harness with load-lifter straps and removable sternum strap.
  • Re-Fit fully adjustable (from 26 - 42in), dual density hip belt
  • Dual large hip belt pockets with DWR treated zippers
  • Roll-top main compartment opening with centered dual strap and singular buckle for quick access and easy compression
  • Removable lid has a compartment with DWR treated zipper
  • Hydration port & internal hydration sleeve
  • Large side stretch woven pockets
  • Stretch mesh front pocket
  • Side and front compression straps

Blaze 60

The Blaze 60 is built to go the distance, comfortably and tailored to you. The A.C. frame lets you lock in your fit precisely to your torso size. The frame, in combination with the patent-pending fully adjustable Re-Fit hip belt and the molded foam back panel, lets the pack comfortably carry up to 50 lbs. The custom fabric is an innovative technology that makes this our most durable pack to date. In the high-impact and high-abrasion areas, we're using a Granite Gear exclusive 210D Robic nylon UHMWPE triple ripstop. A tall vertical hidden zipper now allows you to access to main compartment quickly and easily.

Weigh: 1386g (Regular size)

Capacity: 60L

Carrying Capacity: Up to 22.7kg

Materials: 100D Robic High-tenacity nylon with Barrier DWR main body & 210D Robic nylon UHMWPE triple ripstop (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene)

Frame: All new A.C. (Air Current) Frame with 50lb. (22.7 kg) load rating


  • Specific Adjustment points to lock in your exact torso size
  • Dual density shoulder harness with load-lifter straps, removable sternum strap.
  • Re-Fit fully adjustable dual density hip belt (from 26 - 42 in on Blaze 60 & from 24 - 40 in on Women's Fit Blaze 60)
  • Dual large hip belt pockets with DWR treated zippers that fit plus-sized smartphones with room to spare
  • Cinch-and-roll closure with crossing webbing straps to compress and secure the pack's contents
  • Removable lid compartment with DWR treated zipper that converts to optional chest pack to carry on your front
  • Hydration port & Internal hydration sleeve
  • Large fabric side pockets with reinforced bottom panels and cinch closure
  • Tall stretch woven front pocket
  • Hidden zipper access to main compartment for quick access to contents at bottom of pack


The basic feature set is similar on both packs with large stretch mesh rear and side pockets, good hip-belt pockets, compression straps and large pocket on the lid.


The Crown2 uses the light weight V.C. (Vapour Current) frame designed for a focus on fast and light activities and it is removable for those wanting to shed extra grams where possible.


The Blaze uses the new A.C. (Air Current) frame which allows for vertical adjustability for a better fit. The air flow on this frame has also been improved for added comfort.


The removable lid is a feature of both packs and it can be clipped on to the front for an additional, handy storage pocket. Under the lid is a versatile roll-top closure.

Highlighting the Differences

There is a weight difference between the Crown2 and the Blaze of 244g with a Regular size, with the Crown2 being the lighter pack. This alone will be enough to convince some people to go for the Crown2 but there are a few other significant differences.

Load Carrying Capacity:

This is arguably the major difference between the two packs. The lighter weight Crown2 is designed to carry up to 15kg while the Blaze is designed to carry up to 22.7kg. This is a significant difference and is particularly important if you are heading out on longer multi-day trips where you will be carrying extra weight in the form of food and water for example. The Crown2 is certainly more suited to more weight conscious backpackers where 15kg is unlikely to be exceeded, whereas the Blaze is more forgiving in this sense and will be much more comfortable under a heavier load.


Some of the difference in the maximum load capacities can be attributed to the additional padding on the Blaze. The Crown2 uses thinner padding on both the shoulder straps and hip-belt which shaves off weight but some would argue it reduces comfort in doing so. The majority of people who have bought and used the Crown2 have been more than happy with the padding in it and if you are carrying a much lighter load (below the 15kg weight limit) then you probably don't need as much padding anyway. However, some people value added comfort and are willing to accept the additional weight penalty this padding incurs.


Both packs use the fully adjustable Re-Fit hip-belt which allows users to make changes on the go and dial in the fit to suit individual needs. However, the frame on the Blaze is different as it allows for vertical adjustment which, compared to the fixed shoulder straps on the Crown2 provide a more tailored fit for those who want it. The packs also use different back frames, the Crown2 using the V.C. (Vapour Current) while the Blaze uses the A.C. (Air Current). The A.C. frame has specific adjustment points that allows you to make changes to best fit your torso size too which is an obvious bonus for the majority of people aiming for a comfortable fit.