Why Choose Superfeet?

Posted by Danny Pearson on Apr 25, 2024

Why use aftermarket insoles for hiking and walking?

The insoles that are supplied with most outdoor footwear are extremely cheap and are effectively just a flat sock liner. Usually nothing more than a flat foam pad offering basic cushioning and nothing else.

Our feet are not flat but multi-dimensional so most people will benefit from a 3D insole. Aftermarket insoles like Superfeet are designed to support the foot, improve comfort, relieve pain and improve your performance.

They support the foot to reduce fatigue and help resolve common foot and lower leg injuries, like plantar fasciitis/heel pain, shin splints, patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, etc.

Additionally, by adding insoles you can improve the fit, function and feel of your footwear. Quality insoles are 3D to support the foot and aid biomechanics when walking or running.

This is not the same as custom made orthotics. These are designed specifically for your feet to address specific issues with your feet, gait, posture etc. Typically a set of custom made orthotics will be £100s compared to £30-60 for a quality off the shelf insole.

Instead, aftermarket insoles are often designed for specific activities, uses and footwear so you can choose the right insole for your needs. If you choose the right insole, you can achieve many of the benefits of a custom orthotic costing £100s.

They will help stabilise the foot, increase comfort and reduce fatigue. Many insoles now also have technologies to reduce the impact of walking and running or to maximise energy transfer which will also have benefits during long days on the trail.

Danny Pearson

Dan is a keen distance walker who loves to geek over the latest gear. In the last few years, Dan has completed a couple of TGO Challenge crossings of Scotland (with another planned for 2024), GR221 in Mallorca, Dales High Route and Hadrian’s Wall plus countless other self-planned routes. A keen mountain biker but finds he doesn’t bounce so well these days when the inevitable happens.

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