UOG Review - SOTO Pocket Torch XT

Posted by Danny Pearson on May 07, 2018

SOTO Pocket Torch XT Review

I’m a sucker for new gadgets and wanted a new windproof lighter. The Soto Pocket Torch XT is so cool I just needed one. It’s a windproof lighter with an extremely intense blow torch style flame which is adjustable from a sensible small flame to a 3cm long beast of a flame. In addition to this the XT has an extending wand so you can keep the flame well away from you when lighting stoves, BBQs etc.

I’ve tried it lighting a variety of things from stoves to my incinerator at the allotment and still have all my hair on my hands intact (even when I’ve overdone the fuel to get the incinerator started). There is a safety switch so that it can’t accidentally switch on in your pack which is just as well as the flame is so intense. You can refill it from your gas canister using the optional adapter so no fear of running out of gas. There is a window to show how much gas is left and after 5 days of use trekking in the highlands, it had hardly gone down at all.

It’s a fantastic lighter and a gadget that similarly minded folk will want to play with when they see it so you might need to top it up regularly!

Danny P