UOG Review - Montane Alpha Guide Jacket

Posted by Alex G on Oct 17, 2016

A very comfortable jacket that allows easy movement when walking

I really loved this jacket with its ability to keep me warm, but it was breathable enough to ensure that I wasn’t sweating whilst walking.

I took this piece of kit with me to Iceland as my primary jacket to use when trekking. It was perfect for when the conditions were a little cold and an extra layer was needed, usually around 10°C. However, when very cold an additional jacket was needed to offer protection from wind chill. This jacket is designed primarily for climbing so the material on the arms is thinner than the torso, they offer little protection from the wind. On the other hand when sunny I was particularly grateful for the thin material as it cooled me down.

The main body of the jacket is very warm and windproof. Although it is not waterproof, it offers protection against light rain showers. It is a very fast drying jacket so if you did get caught in a heavy downpour it wouldn’t stay wet for long. One thing I really liked was the size of the pockets; big enough to carry my map, which was really handy allowing me easy access and keeping it dry. Bear in mind the pockets are not easily accessible when carrying a backpack with a hip belt.

The hood was very comfortable and offers an extra layer of protection against the wind, however it is designed to fit under a helmet, so is a little thin and doesn't hold up against much more than a light shower. The arms also had thumb loops to go over the hand when wearing gloves and offered an extra bit of warmth which at times was very handy. Overall a very comfortable jacket that allows easy movement when walking, as well as being warm, but not too hot.

Alex G