UOG Review - Evernew DX Stove Set

Posted by Mark Richardson on Sep 11, 2017

The Evernew Stacking set is an ideal set for one person as you get a 750ml pot plus a 400ml mug, both can be used with the lid and both can be used to heat food and water on a stove. So, it's very practical and at 152grams - pretty light.

I'd typically recommend staying away from metal mugs as you can easily burn your lips - however, this risk is reduced with titanium as it doesn't transfer heat very well.

The items are very well made - and stack together nicely, the rubber sheaths on the handles are substantial and do the job.

Having two pots to cook with is much better than just one, your coffee can be boiling up as you are tucking into your food - even if you don't eat straight from the pot you would have to clean it before using it again.

The stove is beautifully made and it has to be said - quite fragile. With a thin cloth around it though, it's a good fit inside the stacking set so this will protect it from damage in transit.

You set the stove up by inverting the outer cylinder and refitting it - the removable burner in the bottom is filled with fuel (to the desired level) and then you can light it.

I really liked the graduations on the inside of the burner which show how much fuel you're adding - the minimum 30ml was enough to boil the large pot full of water - and the small mug straight after. I was impressed by its efficiency.

The stove unit is quite tall so it's a bit unstable and really needs a solid piece of ground to stand on, otherwise, it can topple over.

I found lighting the stove to be a bit tricky - the instructions are that it is lit through a hole in the side with the stove fully set up. I used it in cold conditions and found this to be a tricky procedure with matches and would recommend you use a power lighter if you want trouble-free ignition.

Once lit the stove is very good - it took very little time to sort my pasta meal out and I managed a cup of coffee on the same filling. There's no flame control on this type of stove so its only for simple cooking.

By taking the burner unit out the stove can be used to burn wood - I haven't used it in this way yet.

Mark R

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