MSR Hubba HP

Posted by Mark Richardson on Jun 15, 2015

UOG Review of MSR Hubba HP Tent

Selection: I was after a tent for a 6 day backpacking trip to Scotland in May taking in quite a few munros, which could result in some high camps. The weather can be pretty rough even at this time of year and it could get quite cold. I looked at the Hubba NX which is the latest version of the classic Hubba series, however, although the NX is lighter than the HP the HP is designed for tougher conditions. The HP version has a flysheet cut closer to the ground and has additional storm guy attachment points which tipped the balance in favour of it for this trip. Outside of Scotland I would have been happy with the NX, but for this trip I preferred the improved performance of the HP version, despite it being about 100 grams heavier.

Performance: The Hubba HP has a wishbone pole configuration at each end which makes it truly freestanding and ensures that the tent fabric remains taught, especially at either end. A cross pole at the top ensures that the maximum headheight is maintained over a decent area, this makes it comfortable to sit in.

Although the poles are unwieldy when fastened together the tent goes up very quickly. Its inner tent first for this tent but its so fast that I don't think it would be a problem in the rain - in fact I erected the tent when it was raining on this trip - by getting the flysheet straight on the inner tent remained dry.

For such a light solo tent the Hubba HP is spacious, its quite long inside (220cm) so there's room at one end for your gear, the width is just enough for one person. The porch is, again, just big enough to take your gear - I had a couple of wet, windy nights in this tent and remained completely dry, one evening I had a lot of wet gear which I stowed in the porch - while everything dry was inside the inner tent. This was a bit complicated - but do-able in the small space.

I did notice that the pole configuration kept a really good separation between the inner tent and flysheet, which is half the battle when you're sheltering from stormy weather. I've never used a gearloft - but the Hubba HP comes with one fitted - and I love it! The head height is enough to accommodate it (I'm 6ft tall) and the gear it swallowed up was amazing.

Other Comments: The Hubba design has been around for a while, but that's because its so good, with excellent headroom, four storm guys (I fitted Lightwave Lightning guylines) and features that keep you organised and sane its a really good option for a solo tent that will deal with 3 season Scottish conditions.

Mark R