Hoka One One Kaha 2 Boots Review - ''I was delighted that Hoka have made significant changes to the design of the Kaha 2.''

Posted by Danny Pearson on Aug 21, 2023

I am a self-confessed Hoka fan. Most of my distance walking has been in Hoka since discovering their trail shoes back in 2018. Since 2018 I have used  SpeedgoatSpeedgoat MidSky ToaSky KahaChallengerTrail Code and Stinson to cover 1000’s of miles.

When the original Kaha boot launched back in 2019 I immediately bought a pair. They offered a great balance of weather protection, stability and light weight for a leather boot.

I loved them for day walks especially on wet days because the waterproofing was so reliable. However, on multi-day treks I found that my Achilles tendon would get aggravated by the back of the boot.

It was such a shame because they were so comfortable and easy on my knees with the amazingly cushioned sole.

I persevered in the hope that they would soften and stop causing the Achilles problems. In September 2020, I set off on the Dales High Route but had to stop after 4 days because the pain from my Achilles became so bad. Gutting because everything else about them was perfect for Autumn to Spring UK hill walking.

I was delighted that Hoka have made significant changes to the design of the Kaha 2. The rear of the boot now is cut lower with a soft tongue to cushion the Achilles. I have been using them for 7 months now with no issues at all.

The sole unit has become wider and now incorporates the Hubble heel design. The heel extends slightly behind the boot to absorb impact and help your natural gait. It also aids stability; the sole is wide and has a larger surface area. They’re great on soft ground where your weight gets spread out so you stay on the surface almost like a snow shoe!

I tend to use lighter footwear in the summer months but the Kaha 2 got plenty of use in July because of the continual wet weather. When waterproofing is more important than weight the  Kaha 2 are ideal. They are still keeping my feet dry after plenty of use.

If you want a softer leather boot that can be used year round whilst offering the comfort you simply wouldn’t experience with a classic brown boot then look no further than the Kaha 2.

Danny Pearson

Dan is a keen distance walker who loves to geek over the latest gear. In the last few years, Dan has completed a couple of TGO Challenge crossings of Scotland (with another planned for 2024), GR221 in Mallorca, Dales High Route and Hadrian’s Wall plus countless other self-planned routes. A keen mountain biker but finds he doesn’t bounce so well these days when the inevitable happens.

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