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Posted by Fran O'Donnell on Feb 07, 2023


EXPED's history is closely linked to the life story of Heidi and Andi Brun, who set off to fulfill their common dream of experiencing solitude in the wilderness. The experience they gained turned them into extraordinary innovators. A honeymoon of a different kind began in 1980.

After selecting a location, they embarked for northern Canada with the bare necessities and built a log cabin by themselves with only a hatchet and saw blad as tools – and this at the end of August in northern Canada, not far from the Arctic Circle. Encounters with bears were a new experience. They had only brought along 40 percent of the supplies they needed so they learned to live off the land. Nine months later, prior to being picked up by a float plane, they pulled down their cabin and left no trace of their sojourn in the wilderness.

Any regrets? A clear no from both Heidi and Andi. Even to this day they look back at fond memories of their time in the wilderness, of being self-sufficient, the self-confidence gained and the times of deprivation. Andi Brun says that few things are of real importance, good ties with the people one knows, humility and finding oneself in the absolute solitude of nature while being fully relaxed.

The maximum outdoor experience with minimal means. The ultimate goal, to be one with nature.

Today, EXPED products are available in 26 countries and sold exclusively through specialty outdoor retailers. The EXPED team is still small, lean and innovative and strives for a well-balanced mix of work and outdoor time. We don't want to be big, but to remain flexible, innovative and personal. Social and environmental responsibility are of utmost importance.

Today, Heidi and Andi serve as presidents of the board and spend more time returning to adventurous travel. EXPED is now led by three long-standing employees, and is strengthened by a new generation of young colleagues. EXPED also maintains a close partnership with Exped USA, to collaborate on key areas of the brand.


Sustainability has been a core principle at EXPED from the beginning. Durability, reliability and repairability of our products are key focus areas in their development. Long-standing and close cooperation with our partner factories is essential in reaching our goals, as is the careful selection to materials, components and resources used.

Climate Neutral with myclimate

Sustainability has been a core principle at EXPED from the beginning. Durability, reliability and repairability of our products are key focus areas in their development. Long-standing and close cooperation with our partner factories is essential in reaching our goals, as is the careful selection to materials, components and resources used.

CO2 Reduction

The decarbonization of the supply chain is a major challenge for the globalized economy. EXPED is facing this challenge together with European Outdoor Group (EOG) as a partner. By joining forces, more can be achieved.

High Quality and Sustainable Materials

All materials used in our products have been tested according to the highest quality and durability standards. EXPED products mainly featuree oeko-tex® 100 or bluesign® certified fabrics, buckles and zippers.

An increasing number of EXPED products also feature recycled materials. These are materials that have been obtained from previously produced goods - for example, from PET bottles or material waste from textile production. For years, we have also been upcycling and using material scraps that would otherwise have been discarded in other products.

Reduced Chemical Applications

We are striving to be completely PFC-free by 2024 at the latest. 100% of the EXPED range has already been PFOA (C8)-free since 2016. Only around 15% of our products still contain materials treated with DWR C6. This translates to 85% of our products being PFC-free. We completely avoid flame retardant (FR) treatments and fabrics made of PVC

No Single Use Plastic

All EXPED packaging is reduced to a minimum and is made of FSC certified recyclable paper and cardboard.

This reduces the amount of resources used, contributes to cleaner air as packaging does not require incineration and does not add to the huge amount of plastics that contaminate our oceans. Certain accessories in our range are packaged in reusable zippered pouches. Only a few products, that need additional protection, come in an individual polybags.

Circular Economy

We support opportunities to give products "multiple lives" in the form of share economy and secondhand schemes. In this way, even used or repaired products find new happy owner.

Co-operative Partnership

The people behind our products are valuable to us. We have been working in partnership with our suppliers for decades. We see this continuity as the basis for sustainable development in our supply chain. EXPED is NOT a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. About 80% of our products come from factories that are regularly audited by Fair Wear

Guaranteed Animal Welfare

The down used in our products is certified in accordance with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and is fully traceable. RDS adheres to the strictest animal welfare guidelines and guarantees species-appropriate animal husbandry without live plucking or forced feeding. Down, as a natural product, is almost indestructible. The down from non-repairable products is recycled and flows back into our new products.

Each bag’s down is traceable throughout its supply chain, and every bag is sold with a QR code that links to compliance-specific data from the IDFL

Fairtrade Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton Mat Covers are manufactured from Fairtrade certified and recycled materials. The organic cotton originates from India and is 100% grown by Fairtrade growers and certified and traded according to Fairtrade standards

Conserving Nature Together

We are a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). Through EOCA we help to fund global projects and are thus engaged in worldwide nature conservation. In addition to the membership fee, we contribute proceeds from the sales events to EOCA projects

Steady Improvement

GreenroomVoice is an independent organization that specializes in communicating and benchmarking the sustainability efforts of outdoor brands.

The GRV Transparency Tool helps to communicate the environmental and social performance of our products in a transparent and comprehensible way. It conveys sufficient depth of information to make a statement for comparison. It shows our sustainability commitment at company as well as product level

Warranty and Repair

We process repairs with a professional team in our own workshops. The feedback gained is a valuable source of information for improvements and innovation - and for long-lasting products

Repair Instead of Discarding

All EXPED products are designed for maximum longevity. We repair products in our specialized workshops - even if it is not always economically viable. We process warranty cases and repairs with a professional team in-hous in our own workshops. The feedback and data gathered is a valuable source of information for future improvements and innovations - and for long-lasting products.

With the mat testing equipment in our repair workshops, our repair team can find even the smallest puncture. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers exceptional and reliable service.


EXPED products carry a 5-year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, EXPED will repair or replace any part that fails due to a manufacturing defect. Failures due to normal wear, negligence, and acts of nature can usually be repaired for a nominal charge.


Send or bring in your damaged product cleaned and with proof of purchase to Ultralight Outdoor Gear.

View Ultralight Outdoor Gear's Returns and Shipping information here: Shipping, Returns and Warranty

If the product is repaired/replaced by our service center, the turnaround time will be approximate 7 to 14 working days depending on season. Your retailer will contact you when your product is ready for pick up or will be returned to you.

Should you lack proof of purchase, we will decide upon warranty based on the date of manufacture.