UOG Reviews - Montane Primino Baselayers

Sep 25, 2017

Primino 140 T-Shirt

The new Primino baselayers come in a range of styles that include short and long sleeves, zip and crew neck, basic colour options and different weights.

On a recent test trip to the Lake District I wore the Primino 140 SS T-Shirt. It’s not the lightest of baselayers but I was more than impressed with its performance. It combines the benefits of merino and synthetic to give great results. I personally, have always been a fan of merino for baselayers with the soft feel, ability to shed odours and most of all remaining warm when wet. However, after trying the new Montane Primino I would be more than happy to recommend it and buy it for myself! The combination of Merino wool and PrimaLoft yarn gives it added warm and makes it more impressive when you are sweating. It does wick sweat away from you and dries much more effectively than I expected.

During three significant days backpacking in the Lakes with the Ultralight Outdoor Gear team I was more than happy with the results. I heat up very quickly during exercise and always struggle finding the right balance between the number and type of layers, the weather conditions and the activity I’m doing. Despite the weather being very changeable, with low cloud, rain and high winds shifting to clear and calm conditions this t-shirt stood up to it all perfectly, wicking sweat away from me on the uphill struggles while keeping me warm on the slower descents. The fact that this top was able to wick sweat and dry quickly made a big difference to what I’m used to with merino clothing and I genuinely noticed a difference with this. The flat locked seams on the t-shirt made it comfortable to wear under a fully loaded pack and at the end of a long day it seemed as comfortable and fresh as it was before setting off.

I will definitely be wearing this when I head up into the hills or mountains next but I would also be happy wearing this under a mid or shell layer while trail running this winter or as a standalone tee in warmer conditions. Needless to say, this Primino t-shirt will be getting a lot of use in the coming months.

Michael S

Primino 140 LS Zip T-Shirt

I recently tested this Montane Primino baselayer while climbing Angle Tarn and was delighted with its performance. With this baselayer being partly constructed from merino wool, I found that the soft fine fibres made it exceptionally comfortable next to my skin. The use of merino wool also meant that it absorbed sweat well and helped to regulate my body temperature. I also found it dried quickly throughout my strenuous hike.

The baselayer contains not only merino wool but also primaloft yarns, and with these two materials combined it provided me with a close knit base which kept me warm when it became colder.

At just 186g (medium size) this Montane baselayer is extremely lightweight, which is a key factor when trekking over long distances with a lot of kit. The design of the sleeves provided me with great arm articulation and excellent freedom of movement while walking and climbing.

I would personally recommend this Primino baselayer as it’s now became my go to piece for everything from long hikes to playing football on those cold and frosty mornings.

Chris T

Womens Primino LS T-Shirt

I was more than happy to test the new Primino baselayer on a recent 3 day backpacking trip in the lakes. I already own a long sleeve crew and zip neck version of the past season Primino baselayer, so had high expectations for the updated model. Safe to say I was not disappointed.

The fit has slightly changed, feeling a little looser than before which I personally prefer as I don’t like to feel too restricted, especially around the neck. If you prefer a closer fit you can always go down a size. The styling is the same with low profile cuffs that can still be pulled up your forearms to aid cooling and flatlocked sewn seams for extra comfort.

Most importantly Montane have kept the winning combination of fabrics called Primino. I won’t go into too much detail about the fabric as Montane’s description pretty much has it covered, but to sum it up it’s a combination of merino and polyester with the addition of 25% synthetic PrimaLoft insulation yarns. The result is a very lightweight baselayer that insulated more than I thought it would considering it's weight, while still wicking sweat away to keep me dry.

As the fabrics have been kept the same you still get that stripe detail through the fibres which makes it quite distinctive. The fine fibres have an extremely soft feel, very much akin to wool rather than any synthetic baselayer material. The fabric has also been treated with Polygiene which is a chemical which stops the growth of odour causing bacteria on the fabric, so I can wear the top more and wash it less. Just what I needed on this trip.

The most important thing to know about these Primino baselayers is that they work well. This is the only baselayer I wore for the whole 3 days hiking and even sleeping in at night. And by day three I felt just as dry and comfortable as I did on day one. I even had the confidence to go into the nearest pub at the end of the trip for a drink knowing I wouldn’t stink out the place!

Every day I would build up a sweat and thanks to the Primino I didn’t have to worry about feeling the chill when I cooled down afterwards. With only this baselayer, a lightweight fleece mid layer and a waterproof shell, I was kept comfortable throughout the constant changing weather conditions of the Lake District.

Sam N