Tour of Mont Blanc - Costs

Aug 03, 2015


I have included most of my costs for doing this trip - I've included costs where I've stopped and bought a snack, but not when I've bought a drink as these are discretionary. I haven't included buying food to cook, a lot of which was bought in the UK. Shopping in supermarkets round the route cost about the same as small convenience stores at home.

Drinks and snacks bought at refuges are expensive, I paid 5 EU for an Oringina from one refuge - things like this are not included. Two beers at the Contamines campsite cost £13.6 EU.

Finally I got back to Chamonix about 5pm, so an overnight stay was inevitable, though you could camp if you wanted. We stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights and enjoyed the town before flying home.

Getting there and back

Return flights Newcastle to Geneva£262.45
Hotel in Chamonix, sharing a twin room, my share only: Langley Hotel Gustavia£32.00
Chamonix Transfer - two ways60 EU£42.09

During the trip

Campsite Trient4 CHF£2.60
Campsite Relais D'Arpette15 CHF£9.70
Transport off Chamonix to Zermatt route back to Champex38 CHF£24.58
Campsite Champex15 CHF£9.70
Breakfast Champex12 CHF£7.76
Campsite La Fouly10 CHF£6.47
Refuge Bonatti - Accommodation, Meal, Breakfast65 EU£45.60
Campsite Monte Bianco7 EU£4.91
Coffee and snack - Refuge Bonhomme5 EU£3.50
Campsite Contamines8 EU£5.61
Campsite Les Houches6 EU£4.21
Chair lift from Col de Balme to La Tour32 EU£22.45
Bus back to Chamonix5 EU£3.50

Grand Total


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