RFP Trek Cork Trekking Poles

267g (per pole)
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Lever Lock
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These new poles from Fizan feature an innovative “one-touch locking” system that allows the poles to be deployed rapidly. Fizan says:  Fizan RFP Trek – Cork are the NEW Rapid Fizan Poles. These Tr…

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These new poles from Fizan feature an innovative “one-touch locking” system that allows the poles to be deployed rapidly.

Fizan says: 

Fizan RFP Trek – Cork are the NEW Rapid Fizan Poles. These Trekking poles feature an innovative one touch locking system for FOLDING the poles. This system is worked by a strong elastic running through the middle of the poles which allows for very rapid opening/closing of the poles. You just unfold the poles and the elastic snaps them into position.

There is a simple Lever Locking system in the top handle section which allows for easy adjustment of the poles to your preferred length.

Sold as a pair, with an adjustable length from 110 – 135 cm, and when closed are only 39 cm in length. Each pole weighs only 260g.

Made in ALU 7075, excellent graphics on trekking poles that feature e-basket carbide tips. These trekking poles have both 35 mm and 50mm baskets included to allow walking on mixed terrains. They also come with protective race rubber tips, which prevent damage caused by the carbide tip. Specially designed pavement tips are also available as an optional accessory (sold separately). The pole handles are ergonomic and have easily adjusted straps.

Our Verdict

These folding “z-pole” style trekking poles feature an innovative new deployment method, the “one touch locking system”, which means the poles deploy themselves. A strong cord of elastic that runs throughout the middle instantly connects the poles as soon as you unfold them. 

The top half of the RFP Trek Cork poles are adjustable so that you can set your poles to your preferred length (110 – 135 cm), put them away when not needed, and then, as soon as you feel the trail is getting a little more technical, deploy them without having to bother with any twist locks, flick locks, or adjustments, they are just ready to go. They are so good at deploying I would suggest taking an elastic band to wrap around the poles when not in use, especially when in transit.

When folded, they are only 39 cm long, so they can be stashed in a side pocket without getting in the way. This was the main reason I switched from telescopic to folding poles. They are much easier to transport, especially on a train or bus.

The handle is made from an EVA foam, styled to look like cork. I found them breathable, and they didn't irritate my hands. The strap is easy to adjust and held solidly in place.

The poles have a significant amount of adjustment (110 – 135 cm), so if you use a trekking pole tent, you have a degree of flexibility in setting up your tent, low in bad weather and high in fine weather.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Eva grip +polyester strap
  • Alu lever locking system, anti-unscrewing
  • One touch locking system
  • E-basket carbide tip
  • 35 mm and 50 mm baskets supplied
  • Race rubber pavement tip
  • Bag included (16 x 42cm)


  • Weight per pole: 267g
  • Length: 110-135 cm
  • Folded length: 39 cm
  • Diameter: 16/14/14/14 mm

Material & Construction

  • ALU 7075

Help & advice:

RFP Trek Cork Trekking Poles

RFP Trek Cork Trekking Poles

RRP: £119.99

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