Ortlieb IP rating information Page

Apr 09, 2018

Ortlieb IP Rating Information Page

Understanding IP Ratings

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are an industry standard which classify the degree of water and dust protection provided but what do all the numbers mean?

If a case has a water only rating, it will be written as IPX7. The X is a placeholder in the absence of the associated dust rating and the number gives the water rating.

If a case has a dust only rating, it will be written as IP6X. The X is a place holder in the absence of the associated water rating and the number gives the dust rating.

Example: If a case has a dustproof rating of 6 and a water rating of 7, this would be written as IP67.

Below is a chart of the IP standard as it relates to water proof/water resistant and dustproof ability.

Dustproof ClassificationsWaterproof Classifications
IP5X- Protected against dust, slight penetration of dust is possible

IP6X - Dust proof, no penetration of dust

IPX4 – Protected against splashing water from all angles

IPX5 – Protected against water sprayed at a low pressure from any direction

IPX6 – Protects from a higher pressure water spray, heavy seas and temporary flooding.

IPX7 – Full protection from temporary immersion up to 1metre in depth for brief periods.

IPX8 – Protection from longer periods of continuous immersion to a depth of 10m.

Choosing The Right Waterproof / Weatherproof Case

To help choose the correct case for your documents, smartphone, GPS or tablet the first step is to decide on the level of protection you need. To keep this simple we have separated them into 3 categories.

Weatherproof: IPX4 + IPX5- These cases are ideal for basic protection and will protect from rain, spray and dust. Ideal for use out on the hill, travelling or super soaker battles!

Waterproof:IPX6 + IPX7- Providing a higher level of protection waterproof cases are happy with the odd dunking if you fall in a river or lake, perfect for scrambling.

Submersible: IPX8- For sustained immersion or deeper water, fully submersible cases will protect your kit. A good option for watersports enthusiasts.