M6xr 2000 Multilamp

114g (with batteries)
Battery Type:
Max Output:
2000 Lumens

We're working out what we think - we'll add our view here!  Suprabeam says:  Crafted from high strength aluminium, packed with unbelievable power and with an extraordinary wide range of use. All of this combine…

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We're working out what we think - we'll add our view here! 

Suprabeam says: 

Crafted from high strength aluminium, packed with unbelievable power and with an extraordinary wide range of use. All of this combined makes the Suprabeam M6xr a next generation light tool. The M6xr works exceptional as a flashlight, and as a headlamp using the included Quick Release headband. This design makes the M6xr extremely versatile and adaptable for all tasks at hand. Furthermore, with the combination of the high continuous light output and the integrated bottom magnet the M6xr can be attached on any magnetic surface and used as temporary area lighting. With advanced DC converter technology and the specially constructed High Capacity & High Drain Li-ion battery with integrated USB charging, the M6xr delivers uncomparable performance.

Our Verdict

We're working out what we think about Suprabeam's M6xr 2000 Multilamp, we'll add our comments here in due course.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Multilamp - M6xr is like no other light we have ever made; therefore, we gave it its very own category: Multilamp.This Multilamp is both a flashlight and a headlamp, and it has all the extensive mounting options of both. M6xr can be worn as a headlamp for handsfree lighting but can easily be detached from the Quick Release Headband for close-up inspection jobs. Furthermore, the lamp comes with a metal clip for attaching it to a belt or pocket and a powerful magnet in the base of the lamp that will attach to any magnetic surface.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL - The Suprabeam M6xr is a universal torch and a headlamp in one. It attaches easily to any magnetic surface, with the integrated powerful magnet in the bottom. In addition, the multilamp comes with a steel clip which can be used to fasten the light to a belt or pocket. With the comfortable headband, M6xr can be used as a powerful and versatile headlamp as well.
  • DC CONVERTER TECHNOLOGY- Suprabeam M6xr is fitted with our new and highly efficient electronic circuitry. As a result, we have reduced the heat development of the LED and thereby decreasing the energy consumption. Therefore, the M6xr has 30-40 % longer runtimes and higher constant light output
  • ELECTRONIC SWITCH + DIMMING - The electronic switch of the Suprabeam M6xr offers extremely easy operation, both when used as torch and when mounted as a headlamp as well. In addition, the electronic switch allows quick operation of the MAX POWER function and the integration of the advanced DIMMING function.
  • Quick Release Mount - Our development team has designed this mount specifically for the M6xr and has found the perfect balance between a tight grip around the light, and easy mounting and dismounting. As a result, when using M6xr as a headlamp, it is easy to adjust the light angle to any situation you might encounter. The angle is easily adjusted by turning the multi lamp in the mount. As well as with all other Suprabeam headlamps, the headband is equipped with two silicone stripes on the inside, making it stay in place when moving around. Moreover, the mount itself is fitted with a replaceable soft foam pad on the backside for ultimate comfort, which makes it effortless to wear the Multi lamp as headlamp over longer periods of time.
  • Magnetic - M6xr can be attached to any magnetic surface with the powerful magnet integrated in the bottom of the light. This is an extremely useful feature when using the M6xr for area lighting. For example, when inspecting engines this feature is very useful, as the M6xr can be mounted on the hood of the car, illuminating the entire engine. Moreover, it can be placed on the side wall of a van, illuminating the entire trunk.
  • CR123 Compatible - Suprabeam M6xr is CR123 compatible and can be used with 2x CR123 disposable batteries, instead of the included rechargeable battery. This feature can come in handy in locations without a steady power supply or if disposable batteries are preferred for military operations, search and rescue, or police work.


  • Weight: 114g (brands stated weight)
  • Beam / Distance: Mixed beam 30°/70° / 165 Meter
  • Luminous Flux: Max: 2000 lm / Dimming: 600-6 lm / CR123: 1500 lm
  • Lighting Time: Max: 2h 15min / Dimming: 2h 30min – 260h / CR123: 2h
  • Charging Time: 80% = 2h 20min / 100% = 4h 40min
  • LED: 1 CREE power chip
  • Case: Anodized, High Strength Aluminium
  • Color: Black / Anthracite Dark Grey
  • Switch: Electronic Switch With Solid Silicone Cover
  • Headband: Black fabric with silicone stripes, Fits to 50-70 centimeters
  • Weight incl. battery: 114g
  • Ingress Protection Rating: Waterproof IP68
  • Temperature: -20°C (-40°C with CR123 ) to +50°C
  • Controller: Yes, dimmable
  • Power Source: Li-ion 18650 3000 mAh (10.8 Wh) 3.6 V. With internal charging. 1 pcs. included
  • Battery indication: Yes
  • Accessories included: Washable Headband, USB Charging Cable, Adhesive Helmet Mount, Manual

Material & Construction

  •  Anodized, High Strength Aluminium

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Suprabeam M6xr 2000 Multilamp

M6xr 2000 Multilamp

RRP: £134.99

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