Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cookset Combo

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Optimus's Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cookset Combo is a great set for a couple of products designed to be used together and stored neatly together. The Crux is a powerful screw-on stove which is very lightweight bu…

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Optimus's Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cookset Combo is a great set for a couple of products designed to be used together and stored neatly together. The Crux is a powerful screw-on stove which is very lightweight but still mightily effective. With a high power output and small packsize the Crux is perfect for an ultralight backpacking trip. The 3 wide pot supports give good stability to this stove and the wide burner head evenly distributes the flame over a larger area than some micro stoves. The Crux stove folds flat for excellent packability. The Terra Weekend He cookset is a perfect sized set of pans for a solo backpacker. The heat exchanger on the larger pot surrounds the flame of your stove decreasing the amount of wasted energy, this vastly increases the efficiency of your stove and reduces boil time greatly. The frypan is a bonus and would do nicely for some fried onions or an egg in the morning. This kit is designed to nest a small gas canister, micro stove and a compact spork inside.

Optimus says

Save cash by buying this stove and panset combination pack. The Crux stove is teamed up with the Terra Weekend HE Cookset.  

Crux Stove  

The heavy-duty lightweight. Meet the Optimus Crux a ninety-three gram stove engineered to hide away under a gas canister. This seemingly impossible feat is accomplished with a foldable burner neck and serrated pot supports which are also designed to fold away for packing.

It`s hard to find a stove that`s more compact and convenient than the Optimus Crux and despite its size the power of the Optimus Crux is right up there with the big boys at 3000W. Why carry more than needed? All you`d ever need for a dinner date with Mother Nature is right here.

Terra Weekend HE Cookset  

Highly versatile and efficient 2-piece hard anodised aluminium cook set. The special Heat Exchanger on the bottom of the saucepan reduces energy consumption and saves fuel when cooking.   Set includes: 0.95L Heat Exchange saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (ml and oz) frying pan that doubles as a lid and mesh storage bag.   When travelling the set offers ample space for a 230g / 8oz gas cartridge a Crux/Crux Lite stove and a folding spork (not included).

Our Verdict

Optimus Crux Stove

A neat trick to fold the burner so that its sits in the base of the stove and we particularly like the wide burner and pan supports on a stove this light.The difference between the Crux and the Crux Lite? the Crux Lite doesn`t fold and therefore some weight is saved same high output burner. 

Terra Weekend HE Cookset

If you are looking for a robust cookset that is big enough for one but two at a push then this could be for you. When considering the weight remember these weights include the handles as well (you would have to add in the weight of a potlifter with other sets).  

Obviously the weight of the Heat Exchanger makes the set heavy in comparison to others however it will cancel itself out for longer trips (a week or more) by saving that extra weight in fuel.

The fry pan will take an egg and not much more it could be left at home and a lighter alternative lid for the bigger pan made from foil but on the other hand its a handy size and you can fry some sausages in the frypan while boiling up water in the other. The main pan itself weighs 216g.

We like the Optimus attention to detail the insulated handles graduated pot spout the size being just right for packing gas canister and stove inside etc...  

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


Crux Stove 

  • Compact: foldable burner head
  • Innovative packing under gas canister
  • Powerful: 3000W

Terra Weekend HE Cookset

  • 0.95L (20.3 FL. OZ) ULTRA LIGHT HARD-ANODIZED ALUMINIUM - useable size: 0.8L
  • 220g gas canister Crux/Crux Lite stove and folding spork fit inside Terra Weekend HE Cookset


Crux Stove

  • Weight: 83g
  • Fuel: LP-gas 70/30 butane/propane
  • Measurement folded: 84x57x31 mm
  • Rating: 3000 W
  • Burn time: Up to 60 minutes at high maximum output (220 g canister)
  • Boil time (1 L of water): Down to 3 minutes depending on climate altitude etc.
  • Included in package: Includes burner with valve and stuff bag

Terra Weekend HE Cookset

  • Weight: main pan 216g
  • Frypan 80g
  • Mesh storage bag 22g
  • Fuel: LP-gas 70/30 butane/propane
  • Main pan: 12.5 x 11.5cm tall
  • Fry pan: 12 x 4.5cm deep
Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cookset Combo

Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cookset Combo

RRP: £91.99
| You save: £7.00 (7%)
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