Via Alpina 2019 - Cost

Posted by Mark Richardson on Aug 01, 2019


The basic cost of doing this route was £1548. Though this did include accommodation in Lintal, Underboden, Greisalp, L’Etivaz and Zurich.

I converted £990 to Swiss francs before I left and used this for everything except my stay at the Berggasthaus Golde on the 28th August, I used my debit card for this transaction as I knew I was running low on currency. As it transpired I only returned with 10 Francs so overall this worked out well.

I’ve listed below key costs, some of which could be avoided by substituting camping for accommodation:

Flights – Teesside to Zurich return£412.00
Accommodation – Bergasthaus Golde – 1 night£146.11
Currency used£990.00
Total cost£1548.11
Paid in cash – not all amounts recorded and are therefore estimates but total was £990, all the currency I brought.
17/08/19Train Zurich airport to Sargans£15
17/08/19Camping Gas – 2 canisters£12
17/08/19Supermarket in Sargans£22
18/08/19Hotel Raban in Linthal, inc breakfast£51
18/08/19Meal at Hotel Raban£30
19/08/19Supermarket in Linthal£18
19/08/19Gasthof Urnerboden£64
19/08/19Meal at Gasthof Urnerboden£42
20/08/19Althaussen Cable Car to Brusti£9
21/08/19Restaurant Alpen Rosti – soup and bread!!£9
21/08/19Engelberg – campsite fees£23
21/08/19Supermarket in Engelberg£12
21/08/19Meal at Hotel Einwaldi£45
22/08/19Gondola Engelberg to Trubsee£18
22/08/19Meiringen campsite£15
22/08/19Meiringen Supermarket£16
22/08/19Meal at Meiringen£28
23/08/19Camping at Grindelwald£18
23/08/19Supermarket at Grindelwald£28
24/08/19Camping at Lauterbrunnen£20
24/08/19Supermarket at Lauterbrunnen£12
24/08/19Meal at Lauterbrunnen£34
25/08/19Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp cable car£5
25/08/19Gasthaus Golderli, incl evening meal and breakfast£146
26/08/19Kandersteg campsite£15
26/08/19Supermarket Kandersteg£13
27/08/19Adelboden campsite£15
28/08/19Godola Adelboden to Litierli£12
28/08/19Lenk Campsite£12
28/08/19Lenk Supermarket£15
29/08/19Hotel Chamois, L’Etivaz inc breakfast£110
29/08/19Meal Hotel Chamois£38
31/08/19Supermarket Montreax£8
31/08/19Train fare Montreax to Zurich£27
31/08/19Hotel in Zurich£125
31/08/19Meal in Zurich£32

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