UOG Review - Easton Kilo 1P Tent

Posted by Mark Richardson on Oct 07, 2013

The Easton Kilo 1P is a two skin tent for one person. It has a single hoop that runs diagonally across the length of the tent, it has ample internal space and a decent porch.

Pole technologyA key factor in weight reduction is the pole. Made using a new Easton process from carbon fibre, it is extremely light. Easton claim it is as strong as their standard poles but the weight saving is significant. The poles slot together easily.

Peg technologyThe pegs are a bit special as well, they're also made from carbon, and are quite thick, so they'll grip better than thin pegs in softer ground. I was camping on stony ground and had to bash them in with rocks - this gouged the aluminium heads but the pegs themselves remained steadfastly straight.

PitchingSome people won't use tents that pitch inner first in case its raining - for me its about ease and speed, if you can get the tent up in a few minutes the inner isn't going to get appreciably wet in that time.

The Kilo 1P is easy to put up - the pole locates in grommets at opposite ends of the inner tent which is then clipped in place under tension. A few pegs then bring the whole tent into shape and the flysheet can be added.

Most of the flysheet pegging out points key into the pegging points for the inner tent via cord loops and hooks. A few further pegs complete the setup.

There are two velcro tabs that fit round the pole to keep it in place - I found these to be a bit fiddly, but they're worth using because they help the tent keep its shape. There are additional guy points which will be useful in wind but you can also use them to keep the tent in shape.

I never got a perfectly flat pitch and found that the inner sagged slightly at the head once the flysheet was in place - this was improved by using the storm guys - but I still never got it really tight.

Living with itThere are a few things I really like about this tent - they come down to space - the footprint is not simply a rectangle - but there's an extra bit to one side at the head end - that s really useful for the stuff you want to keep in your tent.

The doorway is massive, easy to get in and out of and the vestibule's pretty big, certainly for one hiker's kit. The tent has good head height, though it drops off quite quickly.

I missed some internal pockets, which add minimal weight but add a lot in convenience.

I only had one night that was wet and windy and there were no issues at all - though it wasn't a tough test.

Pitches with a minimal pegs, additional can be added.
Internal floor plan at the head provides good storage.
Interior can sag depending on how the outer is tightened. With full length sleeping bag.Ample head height.