PETZL Actik Core 600 Headlamp

Posted by Trail Magazine Review on Mar 01, 2023

The Actik is one of Petzl's best-selling headlamps, but it's been completely redesigned for winter 2022. The new model has sleek and angular looks with an integrated rubber bumper to help protect the LED array from impacts and scratches. A phosphorescent element inside the light unit also glows in the dark, making it easier to find your headtorch in a dim tent. And a new bracket design enables it to swivel through 360°, which not only
gives class-leading angle adjustment but also makes for easy access to the rear battery compartment. It can run off 3x AAAs or Petzl's CORE rechargeable battery packs. Performance-wise, the Aktik puts out up to 450 lumens, with three brightness settings plus red light and strobe modes. There's also a charge indicator and a lock function to prevent accidental operation. In use, it's reasonably light and comfortable, with a simple but
effective headband. A nice. Added extra is that it comes with a translucent storage sack, which enables you to hang it as a lantern, creating a soft,
diffuse light for your tent.


While we like the new look, the older model of the Actik was slightly lighter than this new version. There's no dimming function and it has a lower
water-resistance rating than most of its rivals too.


A versatile performer with all the hallmarks of a Petzl headtorch: simplicity, durability and reliability - but you can get a bit more for your money from rival brands.