GORE-TEX Original Technology

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 12, 2022

Trusted Comfort and Protection. Make More of Everyday.

Whether you're hiking with friends or exploring downtown with your family, you need protection from the elements. GORE‑TEX garments come in a wide range of styles, for a huge range of activities, but every single one comes with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise, is totally windproof, and very breathable. Designed to provide comfort and trusted protection, GORE-TEX garments help you make more of every day, no matter what passions drive you. *


*A growing number of GORE‑TEX garments come with a durable water repellent treatment free of PFCs of environmental concern (PFCEC Free DWR). 

Durably Waterproof

This product reliably protects you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise, keeping you dry even in heavy rain.

Very Breathable

Designed to be very breathable: sweat vapour easily escape so you stay comfortable for longer.

Totally Windproof

These garments block all wind, so whether you’re resting or are on the move, wind chill won’t steal your body’s warmth.


Insulated garments have an extra layer of protection against the cold, so you stay warmer for longer in wintry conditions. * Only in insulated GORETEX garments.

Especially Suitable For:

Choose Your Layers

Garments made with GORE-TEX 2-layer fabric are available in a wide variety of designs. This versatile solution offers comfort, protection against the elements, and style that suit cities, trails, workplaces, and beyond. Garments made with GORE-TEX 3-layer fabric offer added durability without too much bulk. Designed for activities that keep you out longer, make you work harder, and require that extra peace of mind.

Insulation When You Need It

GORE-TEX 2-layer insulated fabric has a unique insulation layer suspended freely between the 2-layer laminate and the inner lining. That provides increased warmth, so you can stay out longer. The GORE-TEX membrane protects the insulation against rain and snow: It stays dry, so you stay warm.

Gore-Tex Products with PFCEC Free DWR

We're committed to continuously reducing the environmental footprint of our products. A huge goal for us includes eliminating PFCs of Environmental Concern (PFCEC) by 2023. As a step in this journey this product comes with a durable water repellent treatment free of PFCs of Environmental Concern (PFCEC Free DWR). Learn more about our environmental commitment, and this water repellent treatment.

Gore-Tex Stretch Technology

Some GORE-TEX garments include GORE-TEX stretch technology. Whether you're rushing through streets on the way to work, or hiking your favourite trail on the weekend, you want a jacket that moves with you and doesn't restrict your movement.
Thanks to the stretch materials integrated into key areas, GORE-TEX garments with stretch technology are designed for ease of movement and an attractive fit.

Our View on GORE-TEX:

GORE-TEX Original technology are durable and dependable fabrics used in heavier, less technical garment offering good breathablility and excellent waterproofing.

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