Cairngorm Treks Review - Marmot Preon Half Zip Top

Posted by Cairngorm Treks on Nov 26, 2018

Used extensively by Cairngorm Treks throughout the Cairngorms, and surrounding areas, and also a recent multi-day expedition throughout Skye in Autumn and Winter 2017/18.

The Marmot Preon is said to be an ideal first layer to ward off cool temps while keeping you comfortable and dry on a full-output day. It is made up as a modern fleece alternative with a smooth outer with the inner fabric a soft grid pattern that claims for better performance for wicking away moisture.

For us, a layer that is going to be worn close to the skin has to be comfortable and perform well, whilst not being over complicated or bulky. So straight away as we first got to look at the Preon top we were pleased to notice that the product is soft to the touch, thin, and is of a simple design with just a zipped pocket located on the chest. When worn it has a tight fit with a mixture of Polyester and Elastane Mélange Check Fleece that stretches with the body and feels natural and unrestricted in use. In a medium-size, it weighs in at a respectfully light 338 grams.

Like with all Marmot products the design is well made with excellent stitching, and after much use shows next to no signs of wear. The colour we were sent was Port which, it has to be said, is a very bold and stylish looking top. It accompanied us not only on the hill but also didn't look out of place for the post-trek beverage!

In terms of functionality, it felt at home as a base layer throughout the winter and equally provided protection as a warm outer layer when working hard on those milder Autumnal days. Moisture retained was almost non-existent and was dry and comfortable at all times. This is then a top which can be used in almost any situation and lends itself to a multitude of adventures. We used it for mountain biking, trekking and a canoe trip, as it’s a dependable piece of clothing that just simply works! Being a half-zip top it even works well being worn throughout the night when wild camping, with very few annoying bits and pieces that are often added to tops that can dig in during slumber.

Our only issue with the Marmot Preon was the chest pocket. Although well made, we just found ourselves never using it. If the pocket was to be removed this could reduce the weight further, but it's such a minor negative (and if being completely honest trying to find any negatives throughout is very hard).

Our Verdict
We have really enjoyed the Marmot Preon 1/2 zip because it simply does its job perfectly. This is a piece of clothing that doesn't need to be over complicated where a focus on comfort and functionality have obviously been the main thinking behind the production. Worn on numerous treks throughout day and night it performed just how we would have liked it to. A trusty companion that will join anyone who is adventuring throughout the cooler months.