Biopod DownWool Extreme Light Sleeping Bag

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Weighing just 500g and packing down to a mere 13 x 18 cm, the "Biopod DownWool Extreme Light" sleeping bag is the perfect choice for your summer adventures, whether it's trekking, biking, camping, staying in huts, or hik…

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Weighing just 500g and packing down to a mere 13 x 18 cm, the "Biopod DownWool Extreme Light" sleeping bag is the perfect choice for your summer adventures, whether it's trekking, biking, camping, staying in huts, or hiking the Camino de Santiago.

Grüezi Bag says: 

What sets this sleeping bag apart is its innovative insulation. You'll quickly notice the difference in a DownWool® sleeping bag. It keeps you from getting too hot or too cold and maintains a dry body climate while balancing temperature fluctuations. This is achieved through the innovative blend of natural materials, down, and wool. This combination is patented and acts as a lightweight, natural air conditioning system. DownWool® sleeping bags from Grüezi bag® offer significant advantages over pure down or synthetic sleeping bags:

· Nothing insulates as effectively as high-quality down, with its high insulation power and minimal weight.

· However, down only insulates when it's dry and fluffy. When it gets wet, the fine branching of the down collapses, causing it to clump and significantly reducing its insulating ability. To make down water-resistant, chemical treatments are often used. DownWool® eliminates the need for these treatments by incorporating wool, which naturally keeps the down drier, preserving its insulating properties.

· Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture through its capillaries and release it outside in a controlled manner, preventing evaporative cooling. This not only regulates moisture effectively but also body temperature. Even when damp, wool retains its insulating properties, which no other material can match. Thus, wool naturally creates a pleasantly comfortable microclimate due to its unique climate-regulating properties. Additionally, wool neutralizes unpleasant sweat odors.

· Thanks to the unique properties of DownWool® insulation, your body can save energy by regulating temperature. The saved energy is available for recovery during sleep.

· The result is excellent insulation and a wide temperature range where you feel comfortable and can sleep well. This makes DownWool® sleeping bags from Grüezi bag® popular all-rounders.

Our Verdict

The Grüezi Bag Biopod DownWool Extreme Light Sleeping Bag stands out with its innovative DownWool insulation that combines the excellent warmth and low weight of down with the moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties of wool. This patented blend allows the sleeping bag to maintain a comfortable microclimate, preventing you from getting too hot or too cold.

One of the key advantages is that the wool helps keep the down drier and fluffier, preserving its insulating ability even when wet conditions that would normally cause down to clump and lose warmth. The wool can absorb moisture and release it, while still retaining insulation. This natural moisture management eliminates the need for chemical treatments on the down.

The sleeping bag features smart design elements like an adjustable hood, interior pocket, two-way auto-locking zipper, and foot ventilation system. The outer shell is made from a soft, downproof recycled nylon treated to be water-repellent without toxic PFCs.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Adjustable hood: The hood fits perfectly to the shape of the head
  • Interior pocket: For valuables and items you want to keep close.
  • Two-way auto-lock zipper: The zipper can be opened and closed from both ends, inside and outside, and has an auto-lock to prevent accidental opening.
  • White zipper: To make it easier to find the zipper in the dark.
  • Zipper with underlaid zipper cover: Ensures that heat does not escape and prevents cold spots.
  • Foot Ventilation System: Allows you to place your feet comfortably on top of the sleeping bag and release excess heat.
  • Preformed foot box: Provides enough space to move your toes while lying down.
  • Feater loops: A waist bag with a heating element (Feater - The Feet Heater) can be added.
  • Chamber construction: Quilted chambers.
  • Included: Sleeping bag, 2-stage compression stuff sack, storage bag.


Temperature Rating

Temperature range according to EN 2353

  • Comfort: 12°C (53°F)
  • Comfort Limit: 7°C (45°F)
  • Extreme: -4°C (25°F)

Regular Specs

  • Weight:  509g (excludes storage bags)
  • Size: Mummy sleeping bag with dimensions of 215 x 80 x 50 cm (suitable for a height of 176 cm to 190 cm for normal body types. For individuals with broader statures, the larger sleeping bag variant is recommended starting from 185 cm height).
  • Packed size: Ø 13 x 24 cm, compressed Ø 13 x 18 cm
  • Pack volume: 3 liters, compressed 2.5 liters.

Long Specs

  • Weight: 570g (excludes storage bags)
  • Size: Mummy sleeping bag with dimensions of 230 x 85 x 55 cm (suitable for a height of 185 cm to approximately 200 cm).
  • Packed size: Ø 14 x 25 cm, compressed Ø 14 x 20 cm.
  • Pack volume: 4 liters, compressed 3 liters.

Material & Construction

  • Outer and inner fabric: Ultra-light, robust, and recycled 20 Denier 380T nylon (100% polyamide), which feels incredibly soft, snug, and silky on the skin. This is achieved by drawing the fabric over hot rollers to narrow the pores, making it down-proof, impermeable to clothes moths, yet naturally breathable without the usual plastic coating. The pores do not clog, thanks to the biobased BeSoDRY-ECO treatment and sustainable BEMACRON dyes. The outer material is windproof and highly water-repellent.
  • Filling: 225g of DownWool® with 70% duck down (90/10 with a minimum fill power of 650 cuin) and 30% mechanically processed wool.
  • Material labeling: Shell 100% polyamide, filling 70% down/30% wool - contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
  • RDS-certified down (RDS CU 859743), mulesing-free European sheep wool.
  • PFC-free: No perfluorinated chemicals are used.
  • The sleeping bags are equipped with a permanent water-repellent impregnation based on biobased raw materials (BeSoDRY-ECO).

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Gruezi Bag Biopod DownWool Extreme Light Sleeping Bag

Biopod DownWool Extreme Light Sleeping Bag

From: £219.99
RRP: £239.99
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