Beta Light 45 Backpack

894g (Medium)
45 Litres
Internal Frame
Padded Back

UOG TOP PICK -The Black Diamond Beta Light 45 The Black Diamond Beta Light 45 backpack—a unique blend of lightness, durability, and adaptability. This backpack is one of our Top Pick for fast-paced adventures and l…

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UOG TOP PICK -The Black Diamond Beta Light 45 The Black Diamond Beta Light 45 backpack—a unique blend of lightness, durability, and adaptability. This backpack is one of our Top Pick for fast-paced adventures and long-distance treks due to its innovative design, exceptional durability, and lightweight construction.

Black Diamond says: 

The Beta Light 45L is our answer to the ultralight backpacking revolution. Inspired by our athletes and utilizing a running-vest style suspension harness system from our distance running series packs, the Beta Light 45L is simply built for moving fast on overnight adventures in the backcountry. Whether you’re spending months on the PCT or making the most of a two-week trip, the Beta Light 45L carries all the essentials in a waterproof, sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Built for moving fast and covering long distances, the Beta Light UL 45 is the ultimate blend of durability, lightweight construction and load carrying comfort. We partnered with Challenge Sailcloth to bring their Ultra 200 body fabric to our Beta Light series to create one of the lightest yet most durable packs on the trail. This durable fabric, combined with taped seams and a roll-top closure, make the pack waterproof and able to stand up to day-in-day-out use. A simple, Power Mesh stretch pocket and two side pockets provide plenty of external storage options, while the pack’s running-vest inspired shoulder strap harness system provides support and comfort with additional snack pockets and water bottle storage options. A removable hip belt, lightweight aluminum frame, and removable foam back panel provide options for reducing weight even more.

Our Verdict

The Beta Light Backpack distinguishes itself as one of the first pack on the market to use 'Ultra 200,' a specially woven and laminated polyester blend that exceeds the technical properties of similar weight fabrics. This 'Ultra' material enables the Beta Light to be both lightweight and incredibly durable. Furthermore, fully seam-taped construction and a roll-top fastener ensure waterproof protection, keeping your gear safe and dry regardless of weather conditions. To enhance durability further, the backpack is reinforced with 'Ultra 400' in high-wear areas such as the pack's rear.

Instead of conventional pack shoulder straps, the Beta Light Backpack features a running vest-style harness, providing a secure fit, reduced bounce, and easy access to built-in shoulder strap pockets. The left strap has a large stretchy mesh pocket that can hold a slim solid water bottle or soft bottle, while the right strap has a pocket large enough for a mobile phone and a zipped pocket for valuables or sunglasses. While this configuration may lack some cushioning compared to traditional packs, it excels in stability and accessibility, especially during fast-paced activities.

The Beta Light range includes the Beta Light Satellite 4L which can be purchased separately, and connects to the Beta Light 45 Backpack for increased storage options, serving as a chest pod or additional storage on the pack's front.

The Beta Light Backpack offers ample storage with three large outer pockets and two hip belt pockets. The two side pockets are ideal for storing average-sized water bottles and essential gear like a trowel or umbrella, while the hip belt pockets provide easy access to snacks and crucial items. The large stretch mesh pocket is perfect for frequently needed items and wet weather gear.

The Beta Light 45 is an adjustable, lightweight backpack designed for various uses. It features a removable hip belt to reduce weight, and an aluminum frame and foam frame pad provide a sturdy structure for heavy loads. However, removing the foam pad is slightly cumbersome. It could have been a useful alternative to a sit pad, but this is one of the few drawbacks of the backpack.

The Black Diamond Beta Light 45 Backpack is a stylish, lightweight, and feature-rich option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable companion for fast and light activities. Its innovative design, durable construction, and customizable features make it an outstanding choice for fastpacking, minimalist overnight trips, week-long adventures, and thru-hikes spanning months.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

In-depth Reviews:


  • Challenge Sailcloth Ultra 200 body fabric is lightweight, tear resistant and extremely durable
  • Running vest-inspired shoulder straps with extra storage pockets makes for comfortable and dynamic carrying system
  • Roll-top closure, taped seams and waterproof fabric create weatherproof pack body
  • Removable frame pad gives structure with minimal weight penalty
  • External Power Mesh stretch outer pocket and two oversized ripstop side pockets
  • Removable hip belt system can reduce weight or allow for user modification
  • Four adjustable and removable Dynex core compression straps secure the pack and allow for alternative adjustment and lashing systems
  • Internal sleeve is hydration bladder compatible
  • Modular Design allows quick and secure attachment of the Beta Light Satellite 4L Bag for additional storage



  • Weight: 873g
  • Torso Lenth: 39 - 45 cm / 15.5 - 17.5 in
  • Waist Circumference:68.5 - 114 cm / 27 - 45 in


  • Weight: 894g
  • Torso Lenth: 45 - 50 cm / 17.5 -19.5 in
  • Waist Circumference:73 - 122cm  / 29 - 48 in


  • Weight: 932g
  • Torso Lenth: 50 - 54 cm /19.5 -21.5 in
  • Waist Circumference: 79-130 cm /31- 51 in

Material & Construction

  • Ultra 200 (main body), Ultra 400 (abrasion panel), Dual 4-way stretch mesh (front pocket), 100d nylon 4mm Ripstop (accents)

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Black Diamond Beta Light 45 Backpack

Beta Light 45 Backpack

RRP: £359.99
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