Exped Mat Range - Summary

Apr 16, 2018

How to choose an Exped Mat

With so many Exped mats to choose from we've written this summary page to help you make sense of the range. In addition, for Spring 2017 Exped have renamed and re-packaged most of their mats so will also indicate the old name where this is applicable. The new versions also come with an inflation device such as the Schnozzel Pumpbag and the Fast+Lite series mats have a new anti-slip GripSkin coating.

The mat names are logically derived and therefore easy to understand:

Synmat - denotes an airbed mat with Synthetic Insulation in it

Downmat - denotes an airbed mat with Down insulation inside

Airmat - denotes an airbed with no insulation

Sim - denotes a 'self inflating' foam mat

HL - stands for Hyperlite and denotes a Mummy shaped mat

UL - stands for Ultralight and denotes a Rectangular shaped mat

Winter - mats with Winter in the title are 9cm thick and therefore more insulative than the standard 7cm thickness

Lite - mats with Lite in the title are only 5cm thick and therefore less insulative but also lighter than the standard mat

Duo - denotes double width mats for a couple sharing

Exped Mats - a Summary of the key features

Medium i.e. Regular size mat used for weight reference.

ModelWeight    R-Value   
TypeFormatInflation Included  
Thickness Old Name
Airmat HL304g 0.33                        Summer         
AirbedMummyMini Pump UL
7cmAirmat Hyperlite
Airmat UL Lite340g 0.30SummerAirbedRectangleMini Pump UL
5cmAirmat Lite 5
Synmat HL365g 0.583 SeasonInsulated AirbedMummySchnozzel Pumpbag UL
7cmSynmat Hyperlite
Synmat UL Lite396g 0.443 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleMini Pump UL
5cm N/A
Synmat HL Winter408g 0.863-4 Season
Insulated AirbedMummySchnozzel Pumpbag UL
9cmSynmat Winterlite
Synmat UL460g 0.553 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleSchnozzel Pumpbag UL
7cmSynmat 7 UL
SIM HL480g 0.563 Season
Self Inflating FoamMummyNone, Self Inflating
3.8cmSIM Hyperlite
Downmat HL Winter486g 1.234 SeasonInsulated AirbedMummySchnozzel Pumpbag UL
9cmDownmat Winterlite
Downmat UL Winter565g 1.044 SeasonInsulated AirbedRectangleSchnozzel Pumpbag UL
7cmDownmat 7 UL
Downmat Lite 5610g 0.863-4 SeasonInsulated AirbedRectangleMini Pump
5cmDownmat Lite 5
Synmat UL Winter620g 1.064 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleSchnozzel Pumpbag UL
9cmSynmat 9 UL
Synmat 3-D 7795g 0.863-4 SeasonInsulated AirbedRectangle, Box edgesSchnozzel Pumpbag
7cm N/A
Synmat 7850g 0.863-4 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleIntegrated Pump
7cmSynmat 7
Synmat HL Duo856g 0.583 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangle, DoubleMini Pump
3.8cm N/A
Downmat 7880g 1.044 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleIntegrated Pump
7cmDownmat 7
Synmat Mega 12   935g 0.94 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangle, Box edgesSchnozzel Pumpbag   
12cmSynmat 12
Downmat 9980g 1.414 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleIntegrated Pump
9cmDownmat 9
Synmat HL Duo Winter1050g 0.863-4 Season
Insulated AirbedMummy, DoubleSchnozzel Pumpbag UL               
9cm N/A
Synmat 91150g 1.04 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangleIntegrated Pump
9cmSynmat 9
Megamat 101710g 1.64 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangle, Boxed edgesMini Pump
10cmMegamat 10
Synmat Duo1800g 0.863-4 Season
Insulated AirbedMummy, DoubleSchnozzel Pumpbag UL 
7cm N/A
Megamat 7.52220g 1.14 Season
Insulated AirbedRectangle, Boxed edgesMini Pump
7.5cmMegamat 7.5
Megamat Duo 10                        4500g                                  1.6                                                                                            4 Season                                
Insulated Airbed                                                                                             Rectangle, Boxed edges                                      

Mini Pump                                                                                                        
10cm                                          Megamat Duo 10                              

Not all mats are available in all sizes but here is a comprehensive summary of the range of sizes that Exped produce.

Exped's size designations are easy to understand and are as follows:

XS - Extra short mat

S - Short mat

M - Medium or Regular sized mat i.e. 6ft

MW - stands for 'Medium and Wide'

LW - stands for 'Long and Wide'

DUO - is double width mat for two people sharing

Exped Mat Sizes - Mummy Shaped

Exped Mat Sizes - Rectangular