Knowledge Base - Inov8's Graphene Infused Shoes

Sep 23, 2019

History in the Making

  • Ground-breaking technology
  • One atom thick carbon sheet
  • 200 x stronger than steel
  • Thin, light, flexible, with limitless potential

A revolutionary range of sports shoes featuring graphene-infused rubber outsoles that deliver the world’s toughest grip, with the strength and durability of graphene.

Just one atom thick and 200 times stronger than steel, wonder-material graphene has been infused into the rubber of inov-8’s new ROCLITE hiking boots, with the outsoles scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.

The Science

The tests for tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance (wear) were done according to ASTM and ISO testing standards for elastomer (rubber) testing.

Samples in standard shape of dogbones or squares are cut from flat rubber sheets and tested using a tensile testing machine or abrasion testing machine under strict measurement conditions. The force required to elongate the rubber by increasing lengths is noted until the rubber sample breaks, which gives the tensile strength and ultimate elongation.

Similarly, the amount of material eroded in a given time when the rubber is pressed against an abrading wheel with a predetermined force is measured. These properties of the graphene-enhanced rubber are then used to design the outsole to take advantage of the increased strength, elongation and abrasion resistance of the rubber material.