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Sep 09, 2019

Here at Ultralight Outdoor Gear we've been selling granite Gear Packs almost as long as we've been in business. The company made its name with the groundbreaking Vapor Trail packs that delivered comfort at an unheard of weight, in its day the Vapor Trail was THE pack for the 3 long distance trails in the US (the PCT, CDT and AT).

Since then Granite Gear have built on the key elements of the Vapor Trail and improved both the 'carry' and features of the pack culminating in the Crown 2 which is a current leader in lightweight multi-day packs. They also created the Blaze series of packs which are beefed up in comfort for carrying heavier loads but still tip the scales at a very respectable 1.4kg.

Applying real world feedback to product development Granite Gear have kept ahead of the field in rucksack design but have also applied their skills to accessories - we love the Zip-ditties, Zippsacks and Air Pockets, Granite Gear has again led the way in creating useful products that really work - and are very light.

The Story of Granite Gear

What makes Granite Gear so Rock Solid?

Granite Gear, born in the Boundary Waters and tougher than granite. Granite Gear was born among the placid network of wild waterways etched through the boreal forest that make up the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Ontario. During a paddling trip through Quetico Provincial Park in 1986 Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank realized there was a need for better outdoor gear, planting the kernel that became Granite Gear.

From those humble beginnings—two buddies on a camping trip—Granite Gear has grown into an internationally respected brand that matches purpose with weight, comfort and durability.

Their award-winning backpacks and accessories have gained a cultish following and have proven their mettle in the earth’s harshest environments, from Mount Everest to the North and South Poles, and to thousands of miles of everyday wear and tear.

Jeff and Dan set out to make the best gear imaginable and they and Granite Gear’s team of product designers and engineers have accomplished it—with an ever expanding line of products ranging from stuff sacks, to ultralight packs, to ultra-durable packs that meet the demands of soldiers. Granite Gear’s gear is truly tougher than granite.

Key Granite Gear Products

Crown2 60

Review by Germanator

"I used this pack for my 1200 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

It held up to my intense sweating and ant hills in the desert, intermittent snow travel and heavier load carries (35-40lbs) in the Sierra, and my somewhat poor treatment of it throughout, and the only things wrong with it after all of that were a small stress tear in the re-fit hipbelt and a rather horrible smell, the latter of which can't really be pinned on Granite Gear.

I ran into a few others who used it on their thru-hikes and really the only problem they had were with the hipbelt durability. This pack is simple and light enough to be ideal for long distance hikers with the 2lb weight but has enough features and is comfortable enough to be used by the weekend warrior. I could fit lots of stuff in the front mesh pocket and hipbelt pockets which was very handy since I needed access to a lot of different equipment on a daily basis.

I could fit 2 smartwater bottles into each of the side pockets with ease, great for the long waterless stretches in the desert or the mosquito infested Sierra water crossings. I strapped my sleeping pad (Thermarest Z-Lite Sol) to the top lid using paracord through the four little loops which kept it out of the way for accessing the main pack compartment but still easily removed for breaks.

This pack has many attachment points despite it's simplicity and that allowed one of my fellow PCT hikers who used one to attach a multitude of oversized Sierra gear that he couldn't fit inside the pack. I highly recommend this pack to all but those carrying a ton of heavy things. (Posted on 14th February 2019)"

Blaze 60

Review by Nebraska Backpacker

"This new pack is amazing. I'm going to be doing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail this spring and I was going to use the old version of the Blaze. I like the old version. I've had it for a couple of years. It tried several packs (including the Crown 2) and the old Blaze was the best combination of weight, fit, and back support I found. But this new version blows it out of the water. I just took it on a six-day backpacking trip, and I loved it.This new version has several improvements. First, the side water bottle pockets are amazing. When the old Blaze pack was fully loaded, it was hard to fit anything into the side pockets because the pack bulged into the side pockets. But these new side pockets have a lot of extra room and a drawstring to provide exactly the correct tightness. I was able to put not only a water bottle in each side, but also my day food bag in one side and my water treatment and other stuff in the other side.Second, unlike the old version, the new Blaze has integrated pockets in the belt. I always thought it odd that the old version didn't; I had to buy add-on pockets. But not only are there belt pockets, they're huge. I couldn't believe how much I was able to cram into them. Third, I like the pack material better than the material on the old version. Only time will tell for sure, but it seems more rugged. Fourth, this pack is available in a Long size. I'm tall and was really stretching the length of the old version, which didn't come in a Long size. Finally, this pack has an adjustable belt, so I was able to get an exact fit on the hip belt placement.In conclusion, if you have the old version of the Blaze, you're going to love this pack. It's worth paying for the upgrade. For everyone else, I strongly suggest that you try this pack. It's a great pack. (Posted on 5th March 2019)"

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Air ZippDitty

UOG TOP PICK - Granite Gear Air ZippDitty - Best small volume ultralight pouch - We've singled out Granite Gear's Air ZippDiity because they are so useful and easy to get stuff in and out, use one for tools, one for first aid kit, one for washkit etc...etc... then clip them together with a mini carabiner and 'bingo', your packs organised.

Air Zippsacks

Much more accessible than a stuffsack and because of their shape they tend to fit well into your pack. The “bath tub” construction leaves no seams to leak when they are set on the wet earth or in the bottom of a kayak for that matter. The perfect packing system for clothes and food.

Air Pockets

These ultralight pockets are the perfect solution for stowing books maps field guides toiletries etc. They can easily be lashed to the side compression straps of any pack or used as organizers inside.

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