Explore Chilli Non Carne Pasta Meal

Meal Type:
Main Meal
Meal Size:
500-750 Calories
UOG Taste Test:

Energy enriched, protein fortified hot pasta meal with a rich tomato, herb and chilli sauce. Supplies 25 grams of high quality vegetarian protein. Torq says:  Our Explore Supercharged Pasta Meals have been designed…

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Energy enriched, protein fortified hot pasta meal with a rich tomato, herb and chilli sauce. Supplies 25 grams of high quality vegetarian protein.

Torq says: 

Our Explore Supercharged Pasta Meals have been designed to provide easily accessible, useful and effective nutritional fuel in a convenient, lightweight, low volume package. Simply add hot water to the pack, give it a stir and leave to rehydrate for 10 minutes.

It is TORQ’s Performance Nutrition heritage that makes our Explore Meals so unique and sets them apart from other outdoor food products in the marketplace. Each pack contains over 500 calories of high quality functional food to provide the energy needed to get the most out of your adventurous activities. By focussing on functionality, TORQ’s Explore Meals significantly out-perform higher calorie alternatives.

Our Verdict

TORQ have stood the test of time in the hydration and energy snack market, whilst many other brands have come and gone. Their years of experience have allowed them to develop highly effective products that really do work. 

As a company, TORQ focus on using the highest-quality ingredients they can and they also put a lot into scrutinising their production methods. This means you are getting products that are amazing at helping you keep going on the hill, without any dodgy unethical ingredients or practises going into their manufacture.

They're also conscious about the effects their products and packaging have on the environment and do a lot of research into ways to lessen their impact

UOG Taste Test Logo  8/10
STAFF'S TASTE TEST - We enjoyed this meal, the sauce had a lovely rich and deep tomato flavour. However, there wasn't much of a chilli taste or kick of heat. We were expecting more of an aromatic chilli flavour. The sauce was still delicious, but we would have liked more heat. We would still recommend this dish to others, but we caution them that it is not as spicy or flavoursome as other con carni dishes. It hydrated well, and the pasta was soft and not at all crunchy. 

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear


  • Just Add Hot Water / Ready in 10 Minutes
  • Part of the Supercharged SystemTM
  • Over 500 Functional Calories
  • 100g Carbohydrate
  • 25g Protein
  • Under 3g Fat
  • Shared Nutritional Profiles*

*Our Explore Meals, Desserts and Breakfasts share almost identical nutritional profiles. This means that all of our Supercharged SystemTM range will deliver the same performance function, regardless of whether the recipes are savoury or sweet. 


  • Weight: 167g
Nutrionals per Serve per 100g per 152g
Energy (kJ) 1457 2208
Energy (Kcal)  344 522
Fat (g) 1.6 2.4
of which saturates (g) 0.3 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 66 100
of which sugars (g) 18 27
Fibre (g) 6.7 10
Protein (g) 17 25
Salt (mg) 0.15 0.23

Material & Construction

  • Open pack, add 350-400ml of hot water, stir well, zip pack back up and wrap in clothing to insulate for 10 minutes.

    Once rehydrated, stir again and add more hot water if desired. For a richer flavour, use less water, but allow slightly longer to rehydrate.

  • The pouches are heat sealed and some air is trapped inside them. If you would like to expel the air to reduce the volume of the pack before your trip, partially tear into the top of the pack, expel all of the air and use the zip-seal to reseal the pack. Adding a small piece of tape to the tear in the pack will ensure that contents are then 100% secure.

  • Ingredients: Instant Pasta (Durum Wheat Flour, Water) (33%), Tomato Powder (17%), Maltodextrin, Kibbled Mushrooms, Corn Flour, Sun Dried Tomatoes (Sun Dried Tomatoes, Salt) (7%), Pea Protein Isolate, Sugar, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Ground Chilli Powder (0.1%), Oregano.
TORQ Explore Chilli Non Carne Pasta Meal

Explore Chilli Non Carne Pasta Meal

RRP: £9.99

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