GORE-TEX Paclite Plus Explained

Posted by Mark Richardson on May 12, 2022

Very Packable. Very Durable. The Ultimate Back-Up For Unexpected Adventures

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Being serious about your mountaineering adventure means carrying a back-up shell that’s exceptionally packable and lightweight, very breathable, and protects you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise. Proven to be abrasion resistant and very durable, with GORE‑TEX PACLITE® PLUS garments you are ready for unexpected adventures. use this widget to input text into the page.

Packable and Lightweight

Very Packable and light, this back-up shell doesn’t take up much space in your backpack, so whatever adventure you are on, you’ll always be ready.

Durably Waterproof

This product reliably protects you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise, keeping you dry even in heavy rain.

Very Breathable

Designed to be very breathable: sweat vapour easily escape so you stay comfortable, even during intense activities.

Totally Windproof

Keeps out all wind, protecting you from wind chill even when you're resting during intense activities.

Especially Suitable For:

Two Layer Construction

GORE-TEX Paclite Plus garments use a 2 layer unlined construction. The GORE-TEX membrane is laminated to an abrasion resitant outer face textile, assuring durable protection.


A new abrasion resistant treatment of the inner surface makes a seoparate lining unnecessary. This makes them thin, light and highly packable - while being all durably waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable.

Comfortable, Durable Inner Surface

The new abrasion resistant treatment of the inner surface ensures that garments are longer lasting, offering more reliable protection. This treatment also makes them easier to slip on and off, and more comfortable to wear when you’re active.

Gore-Tex Stretch Technology

Some GORE-TEX Paclite® Plus garments include Gore-Tex Stretch technology. Whether you're cycling up a steep mountain pass or running to work in the morning, you want a jacket that moves with you and doesn't restrict your movement.


Thanks to the Stretch materials integrated into key areas, GORE-TEX Paclite® Plus garments with Stretch technology are designed for ease of movement and an attractive fit.

Our View on GORE-TEX Paclite Plus:

GORE-TEX Paclite Plus is a really lightweight, highly breathable and waterproof fabric. It performs well and the inside doesn't get that 'clammy' feel like the standard Paclite. It's a good all-rounder, especially for backpacking.

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