Gore-Tex Active explained

Feb 10, 2020

Gore-Tex Active - What it does and how

Extremely breathable. Super lightweight. Go fast, go high - and keep going.

If you're planning to skin up the backside of a mountain or hike three peaks before the sun sets you need a jacket that is extremely breathable and lightweight. GORE-TEX active garments are designed for fast-paced, high-aerobic, done-in-a-day activities even in bad weather.

They’re totally windproof, extremely breathable, can easily be packed away and come with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise. Plus they're super lightweight and soft, and have excellent next-to-skin comfort. So you can go fast, go high—and keep going.

Meeting the intense aerobic demands of the alpine athlete, these fabrics are the ideal solution for highly aerobic done-in-a-day activities, even in bad weather. Garments with Gore-Tex Active fabric are lightweight and soft, with excellent next-to-skin comfort, thanks to reliable moisture management. The fabric's construction keeps your body dry by reducing the accumulation of sweat so you stay cool during activity and warm during cool down. With Gore-Tex Active fabric, you can put the garment on, leave it on and focus on the experience rather than your clothing.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Durably waterproof & windproof
  • Excellent next-to-skin comfort
  • Lightweight

Suitable for:

  • Trail running
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Mountain biking
  • Cross country
  • Ski touring
  • All highly aerobic activities

Extremely Breathable

GORE-TEX active garments offer outstanding breathability: sweat vapor easily escapes so you stay comfortable.


These are one of our lightest products, so you can rely on them to not weigh you down.

Durably Waterproof

This product reliably protects you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, keeping you dry even in heavy rain.

Totally Windproof

Blocks all wind, protecting you from wind chill even when you're resting during intense activities.

How Gore-Tex Active compares



  • Highly breathable
  • Durably waterproof & windproof
  • Reliable warmth
  • Optimal comfort

Suitable for:

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Trail Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Everyday use

Gore-Tex Pro


  • Extremely breathable
  • Durably waterproof & windproof
  • Extremely rugged & durable

Suitable for:

  • Mountaineering
  • Climbing
  • Freeriding
  • Ski Mountaineering
  • Intense activities

Gore-Tex C-Knit

This technical backer improves comfort and breathability of Gore-Tex garments. The C-Knit backer weighs around 10% less than those previously used which improves breathability by as much as 15%.

The lightweight 3-layer fabric delivers improved comfort without compromising the durability and breathability necessary to withstand the physical hazards often encountered outdoors.

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