Montbell Sleeping Bag Guide

Jan 13, 2020

Here at Montbell, we want to match you with outdoor gear and apparel that will allow you to make adventure memories to last a lifetime! To help make that happen we’ve put together this guide to walk you through our diverse sleeping bag offerings and arm you with the knowledge necessary to pick a bag that’s going to meet your needs right off the bat. So…

Step 1: Select your Temperature Range

Montbell sleeping bags come in six different temperature ratings which we label as EXP, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 5.

The ISO Standard: 

To help you find the right range of warmth for your next overnight, we provide both the ISO “comfort” and “limit” temperature ratings on each of our sleeping bags. ISO temperature ratings are independently tested by a third-party laboratory, offering you a way to make direct comparisons between bags across brands and manufacturers that test their bags using the ISO standard.

The Meaning of ''Comfort'' and ''Limit'':

As a general rule of thumb, most people (even those who tend to run a little cold) should be able to sleep comfortably wearing a base layer at the listed “comfort” temperature. The “limit” temperature represents the temperature at which even a person who runs hot would find it challenging to make it through the night comfortably.

Choose Conservatively:

In order to account for the multitude of factors that can influence your sleeping experience, including unexpected weather or a rough day on the trail, we recommend selecting a sleeping bag that is one or two numbers lower than the coldest conditions you anticipate using your bag in. For example: if you’re an individual with a rapid metabolism looking to sleep out in temperatures no colder than 32?F, a #3 may seem enticing. However, we recommend selecting a #2 or #1 to give yourself a comfort buffer should unforeseen circumstances arise in the backcountry.

Step 2: Choose your desired Weight and Compressibility

Our down sleeping bags come in three weight/compressibility levels to suit the needs of hardened alpinists, casual car-campers, and everyone in between:

1. Seamless Down Hugger 900 Bags are the lightest weight and most compressible Sleeping Bags we make

These are purpose built for ultralight hiking, alpinism, and weight-sensitive missions into the wild. State-of-the-art construction and superb compressibility minimize the heft of your load while saving precious space inside your pack for other essentials.

2. Down Hugger 800 Bags are a perfect lightweight choice for all-round adventures

For those who want performance but don’t require the elite-level features of our Seamless 900 options, 800s are the perfect medium. They’re light and compressible enough to be faithful backpacking companions while comfortable and luxurious enough to use while sleeping out of a van, truck, or station wagon.

3. Down Hugger 650 Bags are the go-to choice for car camping

…and other situations where weight and compressed size are not limiting factors. For feather-soft sleep and exceptional stretch at a stellar price, 650s can’t be beat!

Step 3: Select Your Desired Features and Configuration

Seamless Down Hugger 900 Bags are offered in water-resistant versions labeled ''WR''.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line sleeping bag with weather-resistant capabilities for missions in wet, moist, and otherwise unpredictable conditions, 900 Seamless bags with the WR option are for you. Made with the same premium GORE-TEX Infinium™ technology found in our Versalite and Permafrost series jackets, WR’s are seam-taped and ready for moist conditions that would compromise lesser bags.

All Down Huggers come in two Lengths: Regular and Long 

We want everyone to experience the supreme comfort of our Down Hugger sleeping bags. Whether you’re of average height or are tall enough to be in the NBA, our sleeping bag lengths cover almost everyone.

Down Hugger 800s and 650s come in left and right-handed zipper options

Are you a side-sleeper? Have you always wanted to have a pair of sleeping bags that you could zip together and share a night under the stars with someone special? We offer our 800 and 650 bags in left and right-handed variants for these very reasons. We’ve even ensured that the zippers of regular and long variants are complimentary so they can be combined just as easily as two bags of the same length.

Step 4: Choose Your Sleeping Bag 

Now you’ve got the knowledge regarding the features, functions, and performance characteristics of our Down Hugger family of sleeping bags. Check out our line-up below (organized by temperature range) and pick the bag that’ll join you on your next adventure!”

#0 Sleeping Bags

#1 Sleeping Bags 

#2 Sleeping Bags

#3 Sleeping Bags

#5 Sleeping Bags